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Resilience Tip: Dare to Believe in Yourself

Isn’t “believing in yourself” it just plain arrogance?  Doesn’t it make you sick when you see someone who is so arrogant and self-assured that he or she won’t listen to anyone?
Sure it does, but there’s a huge difference between healthy self-confidence and the arrogance of the ego.  The arrogant believe in their egos.  Those with a healthy belief in themselves believe in a power greater than themselves.  The arrogant flaunt their opinions, talents and accomplishments.  The wise do something far different…
The wise first empty themselves out to make room for this Greater Power.  They allow themselves to become painfully aware of all their failings and mistakes.  They put aside all their own opinions.  Then they become what the great Sioux medicine man, Frank Fools Crow, called “little hollow bones” – they wait for the Greater Power to enter them, fill them, guide them and make the right path obvious. 
This is why the wise appear to have extraordinary self-confidence without a trace of arrogance.  To watch them, you would say they’re actually humble in their self-confidence.
The arrogant can’t do this, because this Greater Power cannot teach the know-it-all, guide the egotist or perfect the one who thinks himself already perfect. 
When this greater power finds an empty vessel, though, it speedily rushes in.  And then miracles ensue…
Do as the wise do, and you will never lack confidence again.
~ Dr. Symeon Rodger

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