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Colon Cleansing – Why and How to Get Started

It’s no secret that our bodies are piled high with toxins these days, toxins from our corrupted food chain and water supply, the air we breathe, the household cleansers we use and any number of other sources.

So if you’re serious about your health, immunity and overall resilience, you do need to be thinking about incorporating a regular detoxification program into your life.  And the best place to start for most people is definitely the colon.  Why?

  • Over time, thanks partly to poor dietary habits, not all your bodily waste is excreted and some of the leftover ends up attached to the walls of your intestines, where it eventually becomes toxic and leaches those toxins into your bloodstream
  • This leads to a less efficient colon, longer “transit times” for waste matter through your colon and more toxic build-up
  • The most extreme colon cleanse is a colonic irrigation, where the colon is filled with water.  This breaks down and flushes out the caked on waste matter and what comes out is quite a shocking revelation to most people!
  • Colon cleansing was quite popular until the pharmaceutical revolution of the ’20s and ’30s buried it under false promises of “miracle drugs”
  • Great 20th century exponents of colon cleansing, such as Dr. Bernard Jensen and Victor Irons, lived extraordinarily long and healthy lives 

So colon cleansing sounds like a great thing to do for your health, right?  Unfortunately though, very few beginners have any idea where to start and what to do…

Blessed Herbs – Colon Cleanse in a Box

One of the easiest ways to get started and to see and feel great results is to use a colon cleanse based on herbs and fiber rather than on colonic irrigation.  It’s quite a bit easier and more convenient, and I say that as someone who’s done it all.  

One of the top cleansing kits out there comes from Blessed Herbs and I love their Internal Cleansing and Colon Cleansing kits because they’re so well laid out, so easy to use and have such clear directions.  

Here’s a brief video about their Colon Cleansing kit and three different ways to use it:

As a point of information for you, the Blessed Herbs Internal Cleansing kit targets the intestines, the liver, gallbladder, lungs, kidneys, lymph, blood and skin.  While you can order the Colon Cleansing kit on its own, it’s currently being offered for free if you go for the Internal Cleansing kit.  

You can find all the information you need right here.

However you do it, I would encourage you to make regular cleansing and detoxification a part of your health routine this year – the benefits are truly astounding.

~ Dr. Symeon Rodger

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