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“Theta Healing is the Answer. Now What was Your Question Again?”

While that may sound a little flippant, it does underscore the versatility of one of the top energy healing systems in the world today – Theta Healing.

One of the consistent observations of energy healing has been that both physical and psychological problems do not come into being on their own, but are caused by a particular way of living. That way of living is the result of carrying out a deep-seated subconscious program. Finding that program and then accessing it, changing it out for a new one that works better, can be a challenge of years or decades.

Theta Healing provides a creative response to these challenges through a multi-step approach. The first stage, common to many energy healing modes, is muscle testing. Muscle testing proceeds from the observation that, since our mind body and energy system form one organism, our instant, subconscious reaction to a thought or idea changes the strength of our energy field, and therefore the ability of our muscles to resist pressure. It is therefore a means of eliciting responses to simple questions directly from the subconscious mind about its own condition and programming.

When muscle testing has narrowed down the problem area, the practitioner and the patient, who need not be in the same room or even on the same continent, go into a deep theta state, corresponding to the brainwave patterns of deep meditation or certain stages of sleep. In this state, in which the subconscious is most readily accessible, the practitioner, through focused prayer and meditation, sends the patient a new program, and then tests that it is working.

Brent Phillips, probably the leading practitioner in North America, uses the example of money. A person may hold the (Biblically incorrect) subconscious belief that “Money is the root of all evil,” and be sabotaging their own possibilities for a financially prosperous life. If the patient wants that belief changed, the practitioner prays to the Absolute to change that belief. An essential part of this whole process is reconnecting the patient with the Absolute, with the source of life, which is essential to all self-transformation.

The result of a single healing session may be the cure of a physical ailment, or have nothing directly to do with what you wanted to accomplish, because you need other things to change in order to accept that change subconsciously. But Theta Healing also emphasises that it is the total underlying pattern of life, not the cause-effect sequence from a particular belief or program to a particular symptom, that must change for long-term physical and mental health.

To listen to Brent Phillips and others go into more depth about Theta Healing, watch the video above.

You can also learn more about Theta Healing in general and Brent’s programs in particular by clicking here.

~ Dr. Symeon Rodger


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