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What’s Behind the 21 Day Challenge?

Hi there,

By now you’ve probably heard all about the “21 Day Challenge” in my recent emails and you may be wondering what it’s all about and whether you should participate.

Well, I don’t know about you, but I have a very busy life and when things get REALLY busy, it’s vital to stay on track and make progress in your life. My tactic for doing this is to concentrate on only ONE thing as far as Personal Growth is concerned.

So the more the world around me is demanding I focus on paying bills, changing web pages, buying the groceries and 95 other things at once, the more I put my whole inner focus on one thing. That could be cultivating gratitude, working on some aspect of fitness or whatever else.

And you know what? When I’m not focused on the 95 things that need doing, they seem to get done a lot faster… probably because the one thing I’m really focused on keeps me calm and centered.

The purpose of the 21 Day Challenge is to let you PROVE to yourself you really do have the power to change your life. Why 21 days? Because, as you may already know, if you do any one thing consistently for 21 days, you’ll ingrain it as a HABIT. And once it’s a habit, it develops a force of its own and your results in life start to improve.

Of course, the 4 strategies I’m presenting in the 21 Day Challenge are quite simple and straightforward. However, it’s often the simplest strategies that are the most effective, and that’s the case here.

Naturally, the Warriorship Black Belt Program gives you a larger framework and more advanced methods to work with, and you can learn more about it here:

So, unless you’re in that program, I’d encourage you to try one of the 4 strategies in the 21 Day Challenge. Remember, you should do ONLY one of the four.

I’ll be doing one myself, though for various reasons I’m not going to start until March 30. I can’t wait to share my results with you!

~ Dr. Symeon Rodger

I Accept the Challenge! Do You?

Welcome back,

Just wanted to let you know that people sent in some amazing comments with the Warrior Assessment Tool over the past week or so.

Strangely enough, the one the hit me right between the eyes was also one of the shortest. This person wrote:

“I have told you my goals. Now it’s up to you to guide me to achieve them.” [emphasis mine]

Well, the gauntlet has been thrown down! I do love a challenge, and my real passion is for helping people to achieve their goals. That’s what gives me personally the most personal happiness and that’s why I do this stuff. If it weren’t so, I sure wouldn’t be here 😉

“Well,” I thought, “how can I help this person? I don’t know who they are since the Tool is anonymous. How can I at least find out what their goals are?”

Fortunately, Survey Monkey does have a feature that helped me to locate this person’s goals. I still don’t know who they are, or where, but I do know this. So here are their goals:

1. Improve my relationship with my spouse / partner
2. Increase my income
3. Detoxify my body
4. Overcome my fears

Now I was even more intrigued! Why? Because I’ve had to deal with all four of these issues in my own life. At one point or another every one of them has been a major challenge. So it’s not surprising that the Warriorship Black Belt Program has at least one unit dealing with each of these challenges.

What we often lose sight of when we start to write down our major challenges or even our goals is that each of us is a total person, a single whole, without separate “parts”. So we can easily get off track looking for a separate solution to each problem without ever noticing that what we need to “fix” is the total ME.

To whoever wrote this, I accept the challenge. Will you?

If you will accept it, you really need to join us tomorrow night, Thursday March 12 at 9pm EDT / 6pm PDT. You’ll find the sign-up link with the phone numbers at .

And for everyone else, remember to mark that in your calendar! I look forward to speaking with you then!

~ Dr. Symeon Rodger

Do Others Share YOUR Pain? Find Out Here…

Hi there,

I know you’re here today to get the scoop on what all of your fellow Warriors and Mindset students are going through, what their wants and needs are, what obstacles they face and more!

Well, here’s the basic statistical breakdown so far for the top 5 answers to Question 1:

“What are your HIGHEST priorities over the next 12 months?”

68% said “Increase my income”

53% said “Overcome self-limiting beliefs”

52% said “Get in better physical shape”

48% said “Get clear on what I really want”

45% said “Build excellent health and immunity”

Those answers may seem very “physical”, but the more “spiritual” side of the equation was strongly represented too, with 38% saying “Acquire deep inner peace” and 37% saying “Build a stronger spiritual life”. Likewise, those who say they want to become proficient at meditation or prayer adds up to 38% as well.

And when we talk about overcoming self-limiting beliefs, it’s worth noting that “Get more self confidence” and “Overcome fears” came out at 30% EACH.

A combined 39% want to find a soul mate OR improve the relationship they have with their current partner.

Of course, you’re probably curious to know where we came out with the question on eliminating stress and anxiety. Well, 27% listed that as a top priority – a bit lower than I expected, actually. If you’re not part of that 27%, you must be practicing your Hara!

That gives you a pretty good idea of where we’re at so far. Tomorrow, I’ll share some of the comments people have sent in. Gotta run! Have a great day!

– Dr. Symeon Rodger

Saving the "City" from "Disaster"

Hi all,

It’s taken me the last 24 hours just to “decompress” from this course! What a blast (no pun intended)! And really educational too.

So there were 50 of us in two different “ops centers” running very realistic simulations of how to respond to a major disaster. We saved a ficticious city from disasters caused by an airliner crashing into a residential neighborhood, a train derailement that spilled chemicals into the water supply and a multiple tornado strike.

We had to track down the mayor and persuade him to declare an emergency, coordinate with the fire, police, ambulance and health services (and more) and make decisions in the midst of a high tempo scenario with constant interruptions, communications disruptions and sometimes info that was plain wrong. And then there was dealing with the media – always a treat (not).

We weren’t perfect. We made lots of mistakes. But better here in the classroom than in real life 😉 And by the third scenario we were a pretty well-oiled machine.

It’s amazing what it does for your confidence when you’ve assumed command in a situation like this. Even though the situations weren’t real, the whole set up was so realistic and the action so intense that you “forgot” that part while the scenario was running.

Anyway, you too will profit from this as I digest the valuable info and procedures from this course over the next few weeks. As I said in the previous post, there are lots of real life lessons here for us all.

Now it’s time for a cold beer… (more decompression therapy 😉

~ Dr. Symeon Rodger

Welcome to Our New WARRIORSHIP Blog

Hi and welcome to our new Warriorship Blog!

This will give us a chance to communicate in a more relaxed way than email usually allows, since you’ll be able to post YOUR thoughts here too.

And it will give you a bit more insight into what I’m up to from week to week.

At the moment I’m away on a very special course that has a definite “warrior’s edge” to it. I’m learning to run an operations center to handle disasters on the scale of a 9/11 or a Katrina.

It’s fun, I admit, but it’s a real challenge too. Tomorrow the real fun begins as our group of 50 or so students starts to run simulated disasters. We’re all given specific roles to play and tough decisions to make, often with too little time and too little information – distressingly like what happens in real life incidents.

It’s great information and a surprising amount of it can be directly applied to anyone’s daily life – all the decision-making and communication skills, the planning methods, preparedness training and much more.

Next week we have a special event coming up, and I’ll tell you more about that later.

Meantime, if you haven’t already had a chance, go take advantage of our free Warrior Assessment Tool to help you get a handle on where your life is at and what you most want to achieve. You can find it at:

Gotta get some sleep… after spending all day on this course, I’m beat!

~Dr. Symeon Rodger

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