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Rid Yourself of Myths, Lies and False Assumptions

READING!  It’s a vital component in your quest for personal resilience.  When you engage with new information that challenges your assumptions and expands your horizons, you enter on a journey outside your intellectual comfort zone and embrace the great mysteries of life.

You may have heard me talk about how vital this is.  In fact, if you’re in the Resilient Life Code program, I’ve been going over this with you in some detail.  First, your personal resilience is built on TRUTH, where truth is to be understood as the way the universe works, the way things really are.  Get this wrong and you’ll have a really hard time growing and thriving as a person.  Fundamentally, there’s only ONE question that all of us individually and we as a species need to continually ask ourselves:

“What do we, as the collective human race, actually KNOW?  What can we absolutely prove, what can we definitively disprove and what appears, on the basis of all the evidence, to be very likely true?”

When you start asking that toughest of all questions and you’re open to the real answers, your life will change.  You’ll start to see how many false assumptions and sometimes outright lies we, as a civilization, have settled down to live with and, surprisingly, how those untruths are sabotaging your own life on a daily basis.

To help you along with that, I’d like to recommend you read this amazing book by best-selling author Gregg Braden.  It’s called:

Deep Truth: Igniting the Memory of Our Origin, History, Destiny and Fate

Gregg uses his own scientific background to break down the barriers between the various silos in the scientific community and between science and spirituality to produce a real tour de force on what we individually and all of us together will need to do to survive and thrive the massive changes coming down the pipe within the next 5-10 years.

The book brings to light 6 Deep Truths:

1. To deal with the crises threatening our world, we have to accept what the latest science is revealing about who we are and where we come from – about human origins.  As he puts it, “The false assumptions of long-standing beliefs regarding evolution and human origins make little sense in the face of recent discoveries throughout the sciences.”  This requires all of us to look at the big picture and to objectively evaluate the real evidence – something many people, including many scientists and academics, are notoriously reluctant to do.

2. The reluctance of mainstream education to embrace the latest discoveries is keeping us stuck in old ways of thinking that cannot address the problems we now face.  Instead, much of what is taught in our educational institutions was proven incorrect decades ago. The way we have thought about ourselves, each other and the earth for the last 300 years in particular (the era whose thought has been formed by Newton and Descartes) is based on outdated and incorrect science, yet we persist in living our lives and teaching our children as if it were actually true.

3. We need to work together and stop pointing fingers, because the multiple crises we now face are all reaching their tipping points at the same time (food, water, climate change, population growth).

4. New discoveries of advanced human civilizations dating back to near the end of the last ice age provide clues as to how we might overcome some of the same challenges our ancient ancestors did.  These discoveries also prove that our conventional 5000 year linear timeline of history is wrong.  Egyptology is one shining example among many of where the experts have spent the last century altering the facts to fit a preconceived theory.

5. A growing body of scientific evidence from various disciplines, gathered using the latest technology, proves beyond any reasonable doubt that humankind reflects a design put into place at once, rather than a life-form that emerged randomly through an evolutionary process over a long period of time.  In other words, the theory of evolution is wrong in several key areas – the scientific evidence is very much against it. [ However, biblical creationists should not take heart, because they are also mistaken].

6. More than 400 peer reviewed studies have concluded that violent competition and war directly contradict how the human being is wired internally.

What I Love about Gregg’s Book

Gregg looks at all the evidence dispassionately – he doesn’t have an agenda other than finding out what’s really true.  He integrates massive amounts of information and synthesizes it for you so you can readily understand the implications for your own life and for the planet as a whole.

So if you want to get the big picture – and it’s a lot harder to build your personal resilience without that big picture – I would strongly suggest you consider reading this book!  You’ll get the bottom line on the latest discoveries related to things as diverse as quantum physics, developmental biology, epigenetics, ancient history, climate change, evolution and the Mayan calendar ending in 2012.  Once you’ve read this book, you’ll be very well equipped to evaluate some of the other information you’re being exposed to by the media, you’ll be much more resistant to subtle manipulation and you’ll have a firm foundation in FACTS to move forward with your life.

~ Dr. Symeon Rodger 🙂