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Your Energy Body – the Science is In…

For a long time now you’ve been hearing people talk about raising your vibration and frequency.  And ancient traditions constantly speak of the light emanating from holy / enlightened beings.  But what does the science say?  What can the latest, cutting edge research tell us about any of this?  Is it true or just ancient myth mixed with New Age nonsense?  Keep reading to find out…

Caution: if you’re firmly wedded to the Newtonian world view, then for you this post is rated well beyond “PG-13”.

We are electromagnetic beings.  Thanks to the research of people like Gary Schwartz, Fritz Popp and many others, we know that human electromagnetism is expressed on many different levels.  Russian scientists Kirlian and Korotkov developed technology to photograph the so-called “aura,” the bioelectric fields surrounding the human body, technology widely used in Russia for diagnostic purposes.  Schwartz, amusingly, began his interest in the field when he discovered at the age of seven that he could substitute him own body for the rabbit-ears on his television set and achieve perfect picture.  And if you’re old enough to remember rabbit-ears, you may have done the same thing!

You Transmit Information Constantly

Tests of energy healers, for example, have revealed that healing is accompanied by much higher than normal electrostatic and magnetic fields emanating from the healer.  The implication is that humans can be trained to use their intention to manipulate electromagnetic fields.  But that is not all.  Healers also register higher than normal emission of photons- light.

I say “normal” because all living things do emit light.  Put a plant in a darkened space in front of the right camera, and you get a perfect image of the plant in its own light.  A similar procedure carried out on the hands of a healer showed coherent streams of light emanating from them.  Fritz Popp has been able to show that DNA is the control mechanism for the frequencies at which this light is emitted.  What makes light from living organisms extraordinary is its counter-intuitive tendency toward coherent oscillation.  Ordinary light is not coherent.  It interferes with itself and thus is limited in the distance it seems to travel.  Coherent light, like that produced by a laser, travels much farther.  In a phenomenon dubbed “super-radiance,” the light emitted by a living thing acts like a single frequency.

German biophysicist Herbert Frohlich created a model showing that complex dynamic systems, like living organisms, tend to organize energy coherently.  Subatomic particles which have become coherent become electromagnetically linked and resonate together rather than separately.  Living energy is the highest form of coherence discovered in nature.  Coherence of this kind was postulated in matter by Einstein, and may be a key to superfluid and superconductive materials- matter that, respectively, flows and allows electricity to flow through without losing energy.

And You Are Receiving Information Too…

So, we are beings of light and our intention is expressed as light.  We are transmitting information, but are we receiving?

Cleve Backster was a leading expert in lie detection.  In a moment of bored experimentation, he hooked a lie detector up to a plant, with the idea that by measuring electrical conduction at different points he could measure the rate at which it absorbed water.  And then, prompted by a misinterpretation of his own readings, he thought he had registered a human-like emotional response from the plant.  He then threatened the plant with a match.  This reading was not a mistake.  The moment the thought entered his head, the needle jumped.  Backster would spend decades designing controlled experiments through which he managed to show that plants are both receivers and re-transmitters of feeling and intention.  And it’s not only things like plant-mold and yogurt bacteria that react to human emotional states.  Once two organisms become attuned to one another, it doesn’t matter how far away they are; they will react to the emotional state of the other.

So, plants do receive.  What about animals?  Fritz Popp discovered that fleas transmit, receive, and retransmit light to each other, as though providing updates.  But it was Korotkov who used his equipment to monitor the reaction of humans to intention transmitted by other humans.  The light discharge of the recipient of the intention changed markedly according to the emotion being broadcast.

You’ve Been Kept in the Dark for Decades

Unfortunately, the scientific community never really listened to Backster, not because he was not meticulous in designing his experiments, but because he lacked formal credentials – and of course because it didn’t want to accept his findings.  To accept any of the findings we have talked about in this post individually is a stretch for the Newtonian worldview; to accept that they have transformative implications for understanding how life relates to other life, to accept that there is anything here that changes how we understand the human experience, is something that the materialist mindset cannot abide.  Korotkov, a physicist, repeated these experiments with more advanced equipment, and, building on the work of others, was able to explain the effects.

So the data was in decades ago and much of the more recent experimentation has simply validated that data, expanded on it and begun to uncover even more intriguing things about this wonderful world and how we relate to it.  Yet you will seldom see anything about this in the mainstream because the implications are HUGE, far too huge for most people to contemplate.

And I think you understand what I’m getting at here.  If life and all living systems are interconnected transmitters and receivers of coherent light, if life itself tends toward empathy and coherence, that insight has tremendous implications for our view of the world, for our thought processes, for our individual behaviors.  It means that meditation, energy healing, and all of the marvelous claims which ancient traditions have always made about the potential of human consciousness need not be seen as remote and improbable, or the unique achievements of a few gifted individuals, but an obvious and logical response of humanity to the way the world really works. 

Ultimately, of course, it means that your consciousness has an affect on the material reality around you, and that is the final nail in the coffin for the Newtonian worldview.

~ Dr. Symeon Rodger 🙂

Healing Power of Light – What You Didn’t Know About Your Anatomy…

Following up on last week’s post highlighting the 12th Annual Energy Psychology Conference in Toronto, I’m planning to present some interesting facts about your body and how you can heal yourself more effectively.

As you’ll remember from that post, many of the world’s top scientists agree on one thing – when it comes to the universe “out there” and the universe of our body-mind organism, we know squat!  To be more precise, every time we hit the next “Eureka” moment and discover something new, we suddenly realize just how much of the related information we have no clue about.  It’s very humbling and points to the incredible mystery of existence.

Your DNA – Not Just Chemicals…

Recent research has proven that your DNA doesn’t operate exclusively on the chemical level.  It also operates on the level of light.  In other words, your DNA stores and emits light – biophotons – that interact with the energy fields all around you and transmit information throughout your body.  

It’s long been know that sunlight, for instance, is vital to the production of vitamin D, although it’s only in the last couple of years that the importance of vitamin D and therefore of sunshine, have been understood.

Well, it turns out that when light enters your eyes or your skin, it gets transmitted to your body’s crystalline structure.  Yes, the fascia layer of whitish, thin, tough tissue below your skin, the tissue that wraps your muscles, organs and more, actually has a crystalline structure that allows it to transmit light throughout your body.  Bet you didn’t know you had a fiber-optic network inside you?  

This crystalline connective tissue is highly conductive and appears to function in a way similar to the semiconductor chips in your computer.  Not surprisingly, the 12 main energy meridians of Chinese Medicine appear to flow through this tissue and the specific acupuncture points are more electrically conductive than any of the surrounding tissue.  Moreover, when you stimulate an acupuncture point, the body starts to release endorphins, which doesn’t happen when other locations are stimulated.  

So it looks increasingly as if you and I are truly “beings of light” in the literal sense.  So what should you do about it?

You Can Use This to Improve Your Health

Here are some basic suggestions for you to improve your health based on what we’ve discussed:

  1. Get more sunlight exposure and don’t wear sunglasses to do it!  Your body needs more sunlight in order to boost your production of the vitamin D that’s vital to so many of your metabolic processes.  For those of us in temperate climates, that’s especially important in winter.

  2. When indoors, do what you can to get full-spectrum lighting and avoid florescent lighting.  In other words, you need to care about the quality of the light you’re getting. 

  3. Master “normal abdominal breathing” – that’s the method devised by the same people who discovered your body’s energy pathways millennia ago.  Abdominal breathing clears blockages out of your energy pathways and builds up your energy supply so that you keep your personal “fiber-optic network” humming along nicely.  If you need help mastering abdominal breathing and other exercises to maximize your energy health, just go to

  4. Be sure to take your fascia layer through its complete range of motion on a regular basis, so that it doesn’t fill with fat cells or otherwise atrophy.  This is not only vital to your posture, but also to your energy circulation system, as we’ve just seen.  If you’d like more details on how to do exactly this, just go to:

So, as you go about your day today, take some time to think about the light coursing through your body and what a great mystery all of us really are. 

~ Dr. Symeon Rodger