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Meet MY Personal Trainer (astounding story… )

The Pain Wasn’t So Bad… at First

It started about six months ago… I felt this twinge in my right hip as I would wake up in the mornings. The pain quickly subsided as I went about my day.

A month or so later, I mentioned it to my physician, who found I had a full range of motion and told me, “Look, it seems pretty minor now so I don’t think an x-ray is a good idea. First of all, we won’t likely find anything and secondly, who needs the extra dose of radiation?”

Unfortunately the symptoms got quite a bit worse over the last few weeks. All the soft tissue in my pelvis and upper thighs got so tight that it hurt just to WALK! Yes, I could still do martial arts, Tai Chi, Qi Gong, interval training and all the usual stuff. But the pain would come back as soon as I finished and, if anything, it was getting worse.

So what did I do? I went to my go-to guy for most things physical – my own personal trainer, David Lee.

The Astonishing Discovery

Dave did an exam of the whole area, looking at ranges of motion for several joints, the flexibility of various muscle groups and the condition of the tendon structures throughout. “Wow, you’re trussed up pretty good down there!” pretty much summed up his diagnosis.

He went on to explain and demonstrate which muscle groups were tight or knotted up, which joints had lost how much range of motion and… to discover that my right hip was out of alignment with the left, thus throwing my entire torso out of alignment. When you’re as active as I am, that’s a bit of a shock!

Dave “Attacks” the Problem

Long story short, Dave took me through about thirty to forty minutes of work, including self massage of all the affected areas using my body weight on balls or foam cylinders of various types (painful? Hell yeah!). This was followed by some “assisted stretching” where he took my legs and hips through a series of positions and had me push back against him. This too was pretty agonizing. Then he said, “Okay. Time to stand up.” “You’ve got to be kidding,” I laughed. “I’m not even sure I can stand up!”

Slowly I made my way to the vertical. Once there I was astonished to find that ALL the stiffness of the past several weeks was gone! I’m writing this five days later and it’s still gone! Mobility has been one hundred percent restored. Granted, it will take follow up work on my part to consolidate the gains and make sure there’s no recurrence, but that’s fine by me!

Dave Explains…

If you ask Dave, he’ll tell you that most people who walk into his gym (and therefore most of the public) have significant structural issues – there are elements of their skeletal structures that are out of alignment, whether hips, spine, neck, shoulders or whatever. And there are significant areas of structural weakness as a result of previous injury or lack of development. Why is this important to you?

Average “personal trainers” don’t know how to identify this stuff and don’t realize that if they simply give a new client a pre-packaged workout to do, that workout may seriously aggravate the structural problems and cause more harm than good. “They’re just not trained to heal the body first,” says Dave. Furthermore, their knowledge of nutrition, supplementation and detoxification is so limited that they can’t help their clients avoid serious health issues down the road or ensure they’re optimizing their health every day during their training.

Dave’s Function as MY Personal Trainer

As you can imagine, I have pretty high standards for this and that’s why I work with a world class trainer like Dave.

And most trainers are nowhere in his league. I remember going for a fitness evaluation at a local gym a few years back out of curiosity. The trainer there took me through a short questionnaire, five minutes of various exercises, including push-ups, sit-ups and a stretch or two, and then said to me, “Your chronological age is 52 (correct at the time) and your biological age is 43.”

I replied, “How can you possibly know my biological age? You don’t have a blood test, your body fat measurement is subject to a wide range of error and you have no way to diagnose the functioning of my organs, my nervous system, my endocrine system or any other key markers.” The “trainer” didn’t have an answer for that one!

Dave is a different animal entirely. He collects a mountain of data (actually about 30 pages worth!) and analyzes it with you in detail. He’s the guy who is there to:

1. Challenge me to “up my fitness game” – he corrects my form, helps me set my fitness goals and knows exactly what exercises will help me attain those goals.

2. Challenge me to up my nutrition / supplementation / detox game so as to maximize my long-term health. He’s there to detect deficiencies before they become problems.

3. Fix any structural problems arising from exercise, workout mistakes I make or simply from accident (e.g., my hip).

Turn Up Your Speakers…

First, you can watch this very brief video about Dave and what he does (and, in my opinion, it’s wildly understated in the video):


I Interviewed Dave For You

If you want a MUCH MORE IN DEPTH look at this and want to learn more about your body and how to care for it long-term, listen to this interview I recently did with Dave:

Dave has also finished a series of DVDs demonstrating his teachings. You can find them at .
~ Dr. Symeon Rodger