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Character, Discipline and Consistency- Why You Need Them


Developing character is a major challenge of our times.  We are constantly bombarded by messaging that tells us that appearance is everything, by institutions that reward those who game the system above those who work honestly.  We all know at least one person who got where they are by smooth talk and stepping on the people around them.  But consider, do those people have the confidence of their subordinates? Can their leadership energize a failing organisation?  Do others trust them enough to come to them with problems or to partner with them on major projects?  In a real emergency, would they retain leadership- or would their subordinates look to someone more trustworthy?

Character, discipline and consistency are levers that allow us not only to gain the trust of others, but to trust ourselves.  They allow us to commit to a goal with the certainty that we can do what it takes to get there.  We’ve all signed up for a gym and then never made time to go, we’ve all resolved to commit to major projects that ended up going by the boards.  By committing to work at something incrementally and consistently doing it, despite the boredom, the distractions, the other pressures we face in life, our own tendency to procrastinate and so on, we are telling ourselves that we have the willpower to make major changes in our lives.  If we’ve done it once, we can do it again.  Developing these qualities allows us to become the people who get things done reliably.  We’ve all faced the situation of group projects where others in the group don’t do what they’ve committed to.  If you’re the person who always comes through, then you can be the person people will trust when it really counts.

Watch the video above to hear Brian Tracy talk about the critical quality of self-discipline, and another word we don’t like to hear, sacrifice.