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The 16th Annual Canadian Energy Psychology Conference

On October 24th, one of the most exciting events in personal development will be coming to Toronto. The Canadian Energy Psychology Conference has brought together practitioners, researchers and the interested public to talk about the therapeutic approaches we often talk about here for sixteen years.

What these approaches have in common is their holistic understanding of the human organism. Following in the footsteps of ancient medical and spiritual traditions, these people have recognised the interconnectedness of the human organism. The body, mind, emotions, energy system and spirit are profoundly interconnected. Just as we know that the mind can make the body sick or well, so we can use one element of the human organism to heal another.

Energy Psychology as a field starts from the insight that the body’s energy system as mapped primarily by traditional Chinese medicine stores emotional energy linked to neural pathways that surround particular sets of experiences, most notably traumatic experiences. It follows that by releasing that emotional energy, the brain can be freed to change in ways that classical psychology has never been able to achieve. The great thing is that this is not the only pathway to healing one part of the organism with another- you can approach it from all sorts of different directions. That realisation has the power to profoundly change the way that energy psychology sees itself.

So what does the field encompass? Well, here are a few past speakers whose names and approaches should be familiar to readers of this blog:

Dr. Gabor Maté

Brent Baum

Lynne McTaggart

Although I can’t make it this year, I’ve spoken at past conferences (you can see on parts of my keynote on this page), and the experience has always been tremendously rewarding and enabled me to connect with some truly amazing and talented people. Being able to spend three days with a group of highly intelligent, friendly and open-minded people whose primary focus is healing others is an electrifying experience. Their collective dedication to truth, to scientific rigor and their insistence on respecting the scientific method were very inspiring. As the website declares, “More than a conference, it’s an experience.”

If you’re in the area and would like a fantastic opportunity to connect with people who are serious about manifesting positive change for themselves and the world, I highly recommend that you consider attending.