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Your Health-Creating Space

Every culture has at least some blinders, and one of the big ones for us is our inability to sense the huge physical, emotional and spiritual price tag we pay for designing and living in environments that have a negative impact on our health.

Several ancient cultures developed advanced methods for predicting these price tags and for then creating healing spaces to live and work in that would maximize human well-being and your ability to interact harmoniously with the environment around you. Chinese Feng Shui and Indian Vaastu are two well known examples of these sciences, and ones you can use to improve your personal resilience and that of your loved ones.

So you can get started today, here are a couple of quick and informative videos about how to get the most out of the two spaces that have perhaps the biggest impact on your quality of life – where you work and where you sleep:

Creating a Healthy Office Environment:


Creating a Healthy Bedroom Environment:

Needless to say, we don’t yet know everything about exactly why these ancient sciences work so well. We do know, however that geometric shapes influence the natural electromagnetic fields all around us, and that these fields interact directly with our nervous systems, energy systems, DNA and even the water in our cells (and, of course, we’re 70% water). All of that is something we’ll be exploring in the near future.

~ Dr. Symeon Rodger

Let Color Change Your Life!

Color is all around us, yet its effects on our quality of life – for good or for ill – have been radically underestimated in our rationalistic culture.  In the same way that my parents’ generation evaluated food solely based on its pleasing taste, never imagining its potentially life-giving or death-dealing effects, so our culture has taught us to assume that color is simply a matter of personal taste.  However, as several ancient civilizations knew full well, color has a huge impact on all aspects of our life. ~ Dr. Symeon Rodger

Guest Post by Allison Brooks

Color is all around us, but often overlooked. It gives new life to things, like a field of flowers or that old antique table. Colors can change a mood, a house, and even character, and are now being used in the medical realm to enhance healing. Many cherish fine colors for their aesthetic qualities, but not many look into the matter at a deeper level.

For example, the colors and furniture placement of a room are easy things to overlook. Not many people understand that the color of room or object can be more than just appealing to the eye; when one really thinks about the use of color, it becomes apparent that certain colors are picked to stimulate certain senses. This principle has given rise to color therapy, and is currently being utilized in healing facilities and homes all around the world.

This in not a new concept; color is everywhere and subconsciously affects a person’s emotions, health, and energy. A man by the name of Faber Birren noticed this natural gift and emotional stir, and soon became the pioneer in color prescription. Faber Birren was a very practical man and noticed how the use of color could inhibit certain actions, healing practices or emotions. Birren changed how many companies and organizations  operated.  One of his greatest accomplishments was his work with the U.S. military to help reduce work-place accidents. He established the current safety color code of the military and made different uniforms for certain personnel on Navy ships, resulting in a dramatic drop in accidents.

Faber Birren’s legacy lives on today: from the terror-alert color scheme to pollen amounts, color codes are used everywhere. It might seem tricky at first to use the concepts of color therapy, but it’s easy to change the mood and energy of your living space, just by using color.  For example, most people who have kids will make a nursery for their newborns. To set the mood to a more calming tone, soft colors are used, like pastels and light shades.

You see, just like “mood” lighting, color can set an intentional mood or feeling. A great way to implement the use of color therapy in everyday life is to paint or decorate your office with certain colors. Earthy tones, like amber reds, rustic yellows, and shades of browns are easy ways to set a calming and stress-free environment. It’s said to enhance the feeling of being one with nature and in calms the soul. This is why many yoga studios are painted and embellished with earthy shades.

This use of earthy and warm tones is seen in many doctor offices and waiting rooms. Doctors and patients are seeing a difference in attitude and recovery time with the use certain colors. Doctors know that an unfavorable cancer prognosis is a stressful situation, and even the smallest of changes can help ease the mind.

~ Allison Brooks