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Two Health Threats You Need to Know More About

Your Exposure to this Potent Hormone Disruptor

Many of us work hard to keep our bodies free from toxins – eating lots of fresh produce and drinking plenty of water. But those activities may not be as risk-free as you once thought. Today, we’re going to talk about two elements that are hazardous to your health: Bisphenol-A and genetically modified foods. What does this have to do with your personal resilience?  Well, if you don’t have your health, as they say, you don’t have anything.

Bisphenol-A, a substance used in plastics, poses a serious problem because it is an endocrine disruptor – it interferes with the body’s hormone system. Hormones are used in vital functions throughout the body, and endocrine disruptors can really do a number on the body: they can cause learning disabilities, attention deficit disorder, deformation of the body, impaired sexual development and reverse gender effects.  The substance has also been linked to infertility and cancer.

Its effects on sexuality are perhaps the most strange, and they are manifesting themselves in both humans and animals. Bisphenol-A is being blamed for unusually early puberty rates in kids, and other reproductive abnormalities in fish and frogs. These include fish and frogs being born hermaphrodite, and (opposite to its effects on humans) the slowing of their sexual development.

The fact that certain substances affect sexual development and behavior is not exactly news, of course.  For centuries, Buddhist and Taoist monks in China have used Tofu – a somewhat more benign endocrine disruptor – to inhibit sexual desire.  Among authentic ancient traditions it’s common knowledge that if you want more libido, just eat garlic and red meat.  If you want less, pull out the veggies and bean curd!  The hormonal disruption we’re talking about here with Bisphenol-A is much more dangerous though…

The difficulty lies in avoiding this substance. There is simply no good way to know which plastics are Bisphenol-A free, so it is best to avoid plastic altogether. The biggest danger is in plastics that are are directly touching your food, so that the toxins can leech right into it. But avoiding plastic is much harder than you might think! Everything from a container of yogurt to a baggie full of fresh fruit involves plastic. Plastic coats the insides of milk and juice cartons, and receipts are literally coated in Bisphenol-A . When you can, buy items in glass containers – I get milk delivered in glass bottles, and you can get glass bottles for such things are mayonnaise, ketchup and salad dressing. There’s even glass tupperware! If you bring a paper bag to collect your produce at the grocery store, and make sure to wash your hands after handling receipts; you can really make a dent in your exposure to plastic!

Reassuringly, both the Health Canada and the FDA have taken steps to reevaluate the safety of this substance.

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Genetically Modified Foods and Why to Steer Clear…

Genetically modified foods are everywhere these days. Walk into a grocery store, and 90% of the fresh produce you see has likely had its genes fiddled with. Manipulating and tampering with science we don’t completely understand could have severe unforeseen consequences, and several are already manifesting themselves

Already, we are witnessing the effects of unintended harm to other organisms – the delicate balance of Mother Nature is easily upset. Producing plants that are superpowered to be resistant to insects causes many breeds to die out and many more to mutate into “superbugs”. More highly toxic pesticides are therefore needed to kill these creatures, and more toxins end up in our systems.

The dramatic upswing in allergies these days may be attributed to genetically modified foods. Several studies are looking into the possibility that introducing genes into plants may create new allergens.

In the end, the most disturbing fact is that genetically modified foods have never been proven safe to eat. We’re essentially part of an experiment – a potentially very dangerous one. Another unsettling part of this issue is the ever-widening control over our food supply by corporations that are not trustworthy, and do not have people’s best interests at heart. In point of fact, most of your food is controlled, all the way from the farm to your dinner plate, by a small number of very powerful corporate interests whose behaviors give no evidence whatsoever of interest in your health and nutrition.

What should you do? When you can, buy locally produced fruits and vegetables, and sign this petition to get the government to label genetically engineered foods:

But I shall say no more! This video explains the devastating effects of genetically engineered foods better than I ever could:

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Genetically Engineered Food: Changing the Nature of Nature, by Kimberly Wilson and Martin Teitel

In the quest for personal resilience or, to put it another way, for health, immunity and longevity, keeping a close eye on what substances enter your body is critical.  And it’s more difficult than ever!  However, today’s two part article should give you a critical leg up in the fight to purify your body and your planet.

~ Dr. Symeon Rodger

Saying NO to GMO…

As you know, one of the biggest factors in attaining personal resilience, in optimizing your health and immunity, is the chemical and energetic quality of what you put into your system.  Unfortunately that’s infinitely a more complex question for us than it was for our grandparents and in some ways the situation is deteriorating.

For example, for those of us living in North America, it’s becoming increasingly difficult to figure out if the food your eating is truly natural or whether it has been genetically altered.  

To help you sort this out, we’re reprinting with permission an article by my colleague Michael Morningstar.  For those of you who don’t know Michael, he’s an internationally known health coach and speaker living in Texas.  Here’s his article on GMO:

Just Say No to GMO (by Michael Morningstar)

What can you do to protect your health from the consequences and dangers of Genetically Engineered (GE) foods? This newsletter provides a simple message for you to share with your family, friends and the federal government, which is to “Just say no to GMO”. 

Unlike in the European Union (EU) and other areas of the world many people in the US and abroad are somewhat shocked when they learn that there is no required disclosure on ingredient labels for Genetically Engineered (GE) or Genetically Modified Organism (GMO) components in foods packaged in the US. This is a frightening situation because without full disclosure on the label it is very difiicult for consumers to make an educated choice about foods and whether any ingredients come from a GE or GMO source. Right now there are thousands of food items in restaurants and stores that contain GE canola, corn and soy. Biotechnology compaines have also been heavily promoting GE alfalfa, papaya, potatoes, sugar beets, squash and trees.

Recently a request was made to the USDA and FDA to approve Genetically Engineered (GE) salmon in the US. While the FDA still needs to do an Environmental Assessment before approving the GE salmon there are serious concerns regarding this attempt to deliver another “Frankenfood” which has not been thoroughly analyzed, researched and tested in order to protect human health as well as our delicate ecosystem and environment. Unfortunately the FDA Environmental Assessment will only allow a 30 day public comment period which is not nearly sufficient time to educate the population on the hidden consequences and potential dangers.

Fortunately the Organic Consumers Association is one of many opponents that have spoken out against this push to contaminate our food supply with more GE foods. Please do your homework and research the risks and then invest a few minutes in your long term health and wellbeing to voice your concerns and reservations regarding this serious health issue.

Most people are not aware this is going on since it does not usually appear in the main media or news networks. Without strong opposition this GE product like others before it could end up in the food system in the near future. It is essential for you to do your own research and read the recent articles or watch video news to understand the harmful long term consequesnces from allowing these companies and scientists to manipulate Mother Nature and unleashing “Pandora’s Box” of unknown consequesnces. Once the GE fish or any GE food is in production there is no way to control what will happen or recall those genes Only time will reveal the harmful consequences and health issues caused by the affects and chain reactions they will cause to other organisms.

The best recent article and resource for learning the inside story about GMO risks is by Dr Mercola which sites Jeffrey M Smith one of the top experts concerning GE and GMO in our food system. He feels by educating people quickly we will reach enough consumers to reach the tipping point and reverse the trends away from fake foods and back towards natural nutrition and whole foods. When consumers vote for healthy foods with their money and shfit their buying patterns the market will respond to reduce and eventually elimnate those unhealthy choices seen as a financial liability. You can learn more about the 65 serious health risks assocaited with GE and GMO in the books by Jeffrey Smith. It will be a great education and investment in your happiness and health to read Genetic Roulette and Seeds of Deception and also to check out his website .

Mastery Action Plan: Watch the video with Jeffrey Smith talking to concerned citizens regarding the risks of GMO and how to create a better global future:

Everything You HAVE TO KNOW about Dangerous Genetically Modified Foods from Jeffrey Smith on Vimeo.

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My Wish for You is Health, Love, Abundance and Time to Enjoy Them. 

To Your Perfect Health
Michael Morningstar

 ~ Dr. Symeon Rodger