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Want a More Resilient and Happier Life? Build Relationships!!

Time after time, studies into health, longevity and overall happiness come to the same conclusion – people with the most developed support networks in terms of friends and/or family rank at the very top and get the best results.  

And it’s the very same thing in business and career – if you want to prosper, build personal relationships with other human beings and do what you can to contribute to their success.

Yes, these days we call it “networking”, yet it’s a practice as old as the human race.  The irony you and I face is that although we have more technological tools to stay connected with other people, we’re often too overwhelmed to use them.  

My dear departed mom wrote to at least one of her sisters and to her best friend (by snail mail) every week for over half a century, yet most of us seem to have a really hard time staying in touch with the people closest to us even though it’s easier and cheaper than ever.

Social media is helping to bridge the gap, for sure, but as any expert on the subject will tell you, nothing can replace the traditional face-to-face contact.  

Networking 101

In this short video, networking master Michael Hughes gives you some killer tips on how the pros do it.  Keep in mind that this isn’t just for sales people or people in business; the overall dynamics and benefits of networking apply to everyone:

A Man Who Walks the Talk

As it happens, Michael is a friend of mine and I can tell you I’ve learned more about networking from watching him in person than from reading any number of books on the subject.

Just the other day I was at a workshop given by someone else and Michael was there.  It was the first time I’d seen him in several months.  I sat with him in a small group discussion for just ten minutes and in that time he had learned exactly where my business was at, volunteered to spend time with me to work on some of my challenges and had introduced me to someone else who could do the same.

And there you have a perfect illustration of one of the chief functions of networking – helping connect others with the resources they need.  

Let me share one final point with you: even though networking is a key element for building your personal resilience (and your business, if that applies to you), most people, even business people, don’t do it well at all.  You  can be different.  

So if you want a challenge, here’s one for you: make a list of people you know and devote just 30-60 minutes a week for four weeks to contact them for no other reason than to say hello and let them know you care.  

~ Dr. Symeon Rodger


Resilience Tip: Why you need to build your network

One of the most consistent findings in studies of various resilience indicators (such as longevity, health, emotional balance, etc.) is that people with healthy and numerous social relationships are at the top of the range… every time.

Ancient traditions of health maintenance and spiritual life were built on the deep insight that all of us are interconnected with each other and the whole world in ways we’re not even consciously aware of.  Quantum physics and the latest experiments in distance healing are beginning to validate this insight.  What’s it all mean?

You are a communal being – you’re not meant to be alone or isolated!

As our Western society has evolved over the past century, driven by industrialization, urbanization and endless technological change, we’ve become more and more isolated.  Sometimes it seems that our spouse and kids are all we have, if that!  One of the symptoms of this isolation is the mushrooming of social media – facebook, myspace, twitter and more.  People are desperate to connect with other people.  It’s a deep seated existential need we have as human beings.

So what can you do?  If you want to be more resilient, help others to do the same.  Connect with new people.  Reconnect with old friends and family members.  Take some time over the next week to go out for coffee with someone you haven’t seen in a while or call them.  Nudge somebody on facebook and remind them you care.  What you give will come back to you many times over.  Resilient people have big networks of other people they care about and people who care about them in return.

You CAN be such a person.  Sharing love is not only easy, it’s fun and it’s free.  What could be better?

~ Dr. Symeon Rodger