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“Openings: The Search for Harry” – a MUST SEE Film

As you may already know, I recently appeared in a film!  Openings is the story of Harry Reed, a man facing self-created roadblocks in his career and personal life.  It is also the story of the struggles that all of us face at one time or another.  We create our own universe, and so if we find ourselves in a world that we don’t want to be in, the only escape is to find our way out of the mazes that we have created in our own minds and the blockages that have accumulated within our energy systems.  Openings is follows Harry as he tries to find a way out of the maze.

Beset by a bitter divorce, toxic family relationships and facing unemployment, Harry must try to get his life back on track.  But he is beset with the baggage he brings to that endeavor.  There is a story from the Egyptian desert about a monk who is dissatisfied with his chosen home.  He gets ready to leave, and as he is putting on his sandals, he sees someone else also putting on a pair of sandals.  “Who are you?” the monk asked him.  “I am the one who is pushing you out of here,” the intruder replied.  “And I am making ready to precede you to where you plan to take refuge.”

Harry’s demons are the deep anger, resentment and injured self-image that his life circumstances have created.  Because of this baggage, Harry is also incredibly stiff and unnatural.  His journey is ultimately one of learning to live in the moment and react naturally to his surroundings.

A number of commentators follow Harry’s journey, and that’s where I come in.  The group that got together for this film was really quite amazing and diverse, ranging from renowned author and speaker Jack Zufelt to mystic and marketer Joe Vitale totrailblazing researchers in oncology, optometry, quantum physics and biology.  While it may seem odd to show you the story and then tell you about it, the two notes of the piece really do come together and are interdependent, as theory and application.  The story of Harry makes everything we’re talking about concrete, and the commentary makes the process of healing a comprehensible and repeatable one.

As with most people, Harry’s healing begins with a moment of openness, in which he can grasp the opportunity that will lead him in a better direction.  But the healing cannot be complete until he finds himself among people who are both healthy themselves and willing to help him find his way.

The production was fairly involved and had some unexpected twists of its own, including a total re-write at one point.  The film itself is well-written, though I have to admit that moments of the Harry story can be painful to watch, if only because he is allowed to be as painfully awkward and unnatural as people in his situation really are.   Offsetting this, the actors are wonderful and the setting is amazing!

Ultimately, Openings is a powerful film about personal transformation, and as such it does require an investment from the audience of energy and patience.  Watching Harry is “work”  because transformation is work.   However, this film more than delivers on that investment, and the feeling as Harry finally comes out of his maze is one that I think many of us identify with on a very deep level.  In fact, some friends of mine I’ve shared the film with have come back to me and said they found it better than The Secret or What the Bleep Do We Know?

And you can watch the trailer right here!  Just turn up your speakers and CLICK HERE!