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Your Childhood Foundations of Resilience: Videos to See

One thing we would like to do periodically is to provide links to materials of interest for personal resilience .  This week, we have two videos for you that provide a different perspective on resilience, a perspective that begins with the foundations in childhood.

Apropos of our post last week on mental rehearsal, this brief talk by Dr. Joe Dispenza covers the beginnings and implications of the rehearsal process in childhood.  It is both a rich source of information for parents, and an interesting point of reflection as we reflect back on our own childhoods.

This unique “RSA Animate” presentation by Sir Ken Robinson talks more specifically about education.  That public education systems, at least in English-speaking countries, are increasingly failing their students is now an accepted thought in the public consciousness.  Sir Ken gives a rather interesting perspective on why that might be so and what to do about it.

Enjoy this top quality content as you consider how your own Personal Resilience has been impacted by your upbringing and education. And remember that no matter what that impact has been, it’s never too late to take corrective action 🙂

~ Dr. Symeon Rodger