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Undergoing “The Reconnection”: a Personal Experience

“You need to turn around; you’ve got your head at the wrong end of my treatment table.” The words registered rather slowly, probably because I was horizontal and already VERY comfortable.  Not only that, it was already ten o’clock at night, we’d both had a long day plus the better part of bottle of red wine.

“You’re kidding, right?” I muttered as I slowly got up to spin around.  Kathy – my long-time business partner – flashed a devious grin and pointed to where my head should end up.  The she had me tuck my loose fitting martial arts pants around my legs, explaining that she would have to be able to see exactly where my hip, knee and ankle joints were during the session.  And finally, she placed small markers on my navel and lower ribs, completing the preparatory process.

 Kathy's treatment room

Kathy’s beautiful Treatment Room


I was about to voluntarily submit myself as a “guinea pig” for what is, by all accounts, a powerful new energy healing method pioneered by Dr. Eric Pearl.  Pearl himself is a chiropractor by training and the recipient of the channeled information that now constitutes what he calls “Reconnective Healing” (RH).  You can get some idea of what RH is said to be capable of by watching Dr. Pearl himself use it in the video below:



Just What is Reconnective Healing?

Rather than trying to tell you in my own words, which might be inaccurate, I’ll simply quote a more official and authoritative explanation:

“Reconnective Healing is a new form of healing that utilizes an entirely new band of healing frequencies that removes “interference” and returns the body, mind and spirit to balance, or “original design”. It is an all encompassing, comprehensive spectrum of frequencies made up of light, energy and information that effects change on a DNA level, allowing us to tap into our full human potential — into the “fullness” of who we are.

Reconnective Healing in fact transcends technique. It is not confined to the limitations of typical healing modalities that tend to diagnose, focus on symptoms and specific outcomes, or “treat”, but rather relies on the person’s innate intelligence to chose the highest and best direction the healing should take for the patient. With Reconnective Healing, we do not diagnose, treat or try to influence the outcome or end result of the session in any way. Instead, as practitioners we simply act as neutral conduits for source energy, allowing Divine intelligence to direct the healing session for the highest and best interest of the patient without interference from intention, judgement, or physical manipulation on the part of the practitioner.
While science continues to explore how Reconnective Healing actually works, Reconnective healing has been confirmed and documented in more than 12 international studies.

When Reconnective Healing® frequencies entrain with our energy bodies, research shows that they literally restructure our DNA, resulting in measurable increases in bio-photonic energy emissions from every cell in the body. These frequencies allow our DNA to vibrate at a higher rate and emit measurably higher levels of photonic light.

Dr. William Tiller, Stanford professor and contributor to the movie “What The Bleep Do We Know” conducted several studies on the Reconnective Healing frequencies and concluded that when the light (information) carried through the Reconnective Healing frequencies is introduced to the body, “greater coherence and order is achieved” (in other words, balance and harmony on a cellular level is experienced.)”


However, what I was about to experience was NOT a standard RH session.  Instead it was a very particular “ritual” or “treatment” called “THE RECONNECTION”, which you only receive once in your lifetime.

The Reconnection employs the same frequencies and so healing is a natural by-product, but unlike a standard RH session, The Reconnection is a very structured once in a lifetime experience (a ritual of sorts) that is performed over 2 days. Whereas a RH treatment acts more as a “healing session” and can be experienced multiple times, whenever the need arises, you only get The Reconnection once, because the latter is designed to literally reconnect the energetic structures of your body with those of planet earth.

Kathy’s journey to becoming a certified RH specialist had begun as recently as seven months before.  She had asked me to come down to Toronto one weekend to attend a business workshop she couldn’t attend.  She couldn’t come to it because she had already committed to her first ever RH training.  That evening, as a few of us sat down together in a local restaurant for a late supper, I said to her, “I did some online research into RH and it sounded pretty vague, kind of like “you wave your hands over me and I get better.'”

“Yeah, that pretty well covers it,” she replied with a laugh.

However, Kathy isn’t one to go in for fluff.  She cares deeply about getting results for people and facilitating transformation in their lives, and she believes that Reconnective Healing has given her a valuable tool that increases her ability to do that.

Kathy and Symeon 1

Kathy Williams with Dr. Symeon just before part-2 of The Reconnection


Did It Work for Me?

The claim would be that The Reconnection works exactly as it’s supposed to for each person, irrespective of what they did or did not feel or experience during the two part session.  While that might sound like an easy out, experience has shown repeatedly that our immediate reactions during any sort of treatment are a poor predictor of the real efficacy of the treatment or what the long-term results will be.

Because The Reconnection as a one-time event aims to restructure you energetically and “accelerate” your life path, its effects may only become evident over the longer term.  Sometimes people who felt nothing during or right after their Reconnection will turn around six months later in total awe at what they’ve accomplished, at how much their life circumstances have improved or at the health challenges they’ve overcome.

In any case, I really didn’t feel very much during that first evening session.  During the second part, the following afternoon, I did feel some pretty unusual physical sensations in my neck and my hands at certain points.  Kathy claims I actually had a nap on the table, but I deny that totally, of course 😉  I have to admit, though, that despite (or perhaps because of?) nearly forty years of energy work, I don’t usually experience anything unusual during energy healing sessions of any kind.  It could be for reasons similar to why I don’t experience much during a generic cleanse, whereas some people get quite “ill” while cleansing – if your system is relatively clear already, you won’t feel much.  Now, whether that analogy explains my muted reaction to undergoing The Reconnection is debatable, but it may.

I should note that although The Reconnection is sometimes called a “ritual”, you may not notice the ritual aspect at all.  While I don’t doubt it’s a sort or ritual for the practitioner (who is trying to maintain a reverent attitude and become a conduit for a universal energy), the recipient has his or her eyes closed and is totally passive during the entire procedure.  Of course, being flat on your back in a peaceful setting, in total silence with your eyes closed does cause some people to drift off into a sleep state.  That didn’t happen to me, of course, but it does to some 😉

If you follow this blog, you know the huge emphasis we put on evidence.  We do take the clinical studies and anecdotal accounts very seriously as evidence to be considered, of course, but we also like to test-drive energy healing methods to get a feel for them first hand before recommending them to our community.  Thanks to Kathy, I was able to do exactly that with The Reconnection.  How effective was it?  Ask me again in six months or so!

If you or anyone you know has had an experience with RH or The Reconnection, please feel free to let us know and we would be happy to share those in a future post.

~ Dr. Symeon Rodger 🙂