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Segmentation: The Resilience Challenge of Body, Mind and Society

Segmentation is how we describe what happens when one part of an organism ceases to cooperate with other parts of the same organism.  When we store emotional trauma as neural patterning and energetic blockage, and that blockage finds a home in a particular part of our energy system, causing health problems, tension and so on whenever that neural pattern is triggered, that is segmentation.  Right there, our neural, emotional and physical lives all become segmented.  In other words, some part of the system is disrupting all of the others.  Something is out of alignment.  As human beings, we are many-faceted creatures, and in order for us to live healthily and fulfill our potential, all of those facets have to find a way to pull together.  Consider the ancient Greek phalanx.  The Greeks discovered that when all of their soldiers stood and moved together in a coherent pattern, they were far more effective than if they were operating as individuals.  Segmentation is as though a small group of those soldiers decided to move in a different direction from all the others. 

Dealing with this phenomenon, clearing these segmented blockages, is the first stage in many ancient systems of health and spiritual work.  Taoist dissolving meditation is a prime example.  This kind of work is the prerequisite for everything else, because as long as the body, mind and emotions are segmented, we cannot align our whole being toward achieving the state of being we desire.  Many of you are familiar with acupuncture, acupressure and tapping techniques such as EFT and TFT used to clear energetic-emotional blockages.  In the video below, you will see a modern take on this process from B.E.S.T. (Bio-Energetic Synchronisation Technique), a method that grew out of chiropractic medicine and has gone through forty years of refinement.  B.E.S.T. is a direct and effective technique which has proved able to address many deep-seated and otherwise-intractable physical, emotional and psychological problems.


Segmenting the Organism of Humanity

Interestingly, the same word, segmentation, has been used in another, related context: as the fundamental precursor to war in human society.  Dr. Raymond C. Kelly, a Professor of Anthropology at the University of Michigan, was dissatisfied with existing theories about the origins of war.  In his book Warless Societies and the Origin of War, he examines both archeological evidence and the anthropological studies of the warless societies which continue to exist today.  These warless societies have one thing in common: a lack of bounded groups.  A person is related to his or her parents and siblings and their families, marries into the family of his or her spouse, and has all the family relationships that implies- but there is no defined boundary, no one discrete group, no “us” that stands separate from “them.”  There is no clan group based on a specific lineage, no chief or king, no distinct unit that can organise to inflict violence on another unit.  Warless societies, then, are unsegmented. 

Wars begin when segmentation begins.  It starts with the infliction of an injury, such as the murder of a group member.  This is generalised to be an assault upon the group, and the group exacts revenge on the same principle- that killing any members of the group to which the murderer belongs is the same as killing the murderer.  And with that, we have the fundamental basis of war- that members of the same group are objectified, substitutable pawns in service of their group identity and must suffer the consequences of their leaders’ action.  There are of course many more steps of development before we reach even the sort of warfare found in the Middle Ages, but this fundamental basis of alienation between segmented groups and objectification of the group’s membership has remained up to the present day.

Many ancient traditions regard humanity collectively as a great organism.  Kelly’s findings suggest that within that organism as well, segmentation, manifested in the formation of alienated groups, constitutes disease.  This is not a call to some sort of artificial sameness, but rather to accept diversity while transcending the basis of segmentation- alienation and objectification.  By transcending the dualism of “us” and “them” and instead accepting all people on the basis of our shared humanity, we undermine the basis of war, violence and victimisation. 


Survival Mode in Macro and Microcosm

Survival Mode, the state of the traumatised individual, is fundamentally one of fear and anger at a hostile world.  In that state, we recognise only two categories of people- those who can help us and those who can hurt us.  We objectify others relative to what we can get out of them.  That is the same logic of objectification that exists in war, that exists wherever there is an “us” and “them.”  This worldview that is expressed in moments where our survival is imperiled becomes embedded in our social organisation.  It is the experience of being treated as objects that is behind the majority of human trauma.  It is a vicious cycle- trauma begets trauma. 

We segment, we form exclusive groups, as a defence against the hostility of the world.  The more we treat each other as objects, the more we are traumatised.  The more we are traumatised, the more society segments, the deeper the alienation becomes, and the more trauma we inflict.  It is a cycle that reaches from the totality of the human species to our emotional, energetic and physical health, and back again. 



By dissolving our internal segmentation, we cease to inflict that inner discord on the world, and by transcending our social segmentation, we reduce the internal segmentation of others.  Alignment begets alignment.  We align our inner state to conform to the outer world we want, and we align our thoughts and behaviours to create the inner state we want.

Ask yourself, how badly are YOU segmented inwardly?  What are you doing about it?  Do you consciously seek inner harmony on all levels?  Very few people do.  In fact, in my experience teaching Qi Gong, Hara and related disciplines, I’ve become convinced that the majority of people have become so used to unnatural tension that they don’t know what deep relaxation, deep harmony would feel like. 

As you start to search for harmony, though, a funny thing happens: tensions and segmentation appear everywhere within you!  That’s recognizing where you’re really at and, although it may not feel so good, it’s a great sign!


~ Dr. Symeon Rodger

The Fastest Way to Heal Emotional Traumas

Very few things cause as much pain in human life as the emotional traumas from our past.  Take Shannon, for example (not her real name).  An incident from her youth is preventing her from opening up sexually to her husband, from giving him the intimacy he or anyone would seek in their marriage.  Then there’s Tim, the guy who’s controlling personality makes his colleagues miserable and, again, it’s a kind of defense mechanism from his past, one he refuses to deal with. 

As an Orthodox Christian priest, I can tell you we get people like this coming to us all the time.  Sometimes they sense the healing they can find through the tradition. More often, unfortunately, they’re just as willing to settle for something to dull the pain or, even better, to explain it in noble terms as a “cross to bear” or a “sacrifice”. 

The truth, though, is that until these folks face reality and make a commitment to their own inner healing, they’ll never be able to nurture fulfilling relationships, to understand what love is really about or to have any kind of spiritual life that’s not pure delusion. 

And, let’s be candid, you and I are not much different from Shannon and Tim.  True, our neuroses may not be as serious or obvious as theirs, but unless we face them and allow the healing process to take place within our mind-body organism, we’ll still face some pretty undesirable consequences in our lives.  

So the big question is…. how do we heal our past emotional traumas???

Welcome to Energy Psychology!

Energy Psychology is an emerging field of study that’s turning conventional psychology on its head. I don’t know how many psychology PhDs I’ve met that told me something like, “No, I didn’t believe these energy methods would work, but then my clients started using them and got better results in 15 minutes than I could get for them in 15 months using conventional methods.”

The 2 methods that I’ve recommended in the past and found startling results with were the now well-known Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT) and the newer and less well-known Be Set Free Fast (BSFF). These are two very different approaches, yet each has been clinically proven very effective and the beauty of them is that once you know either method, you can treat yourself anywhere, anytime in a matter of minutes, if not seconds.

What kind of results do they get? At the very least, they loosen the grip of the “killer thought” that’s afflicting you to such an extent that you can finally function freely outside its grasp for a considerable time. It may return, but then you just “zap it” again. However, if you use either of these methods to their full extent over time, you can actually eliminate your negative conditioning permanently!

My Number One Choice:

Naturally, clients often ask me which method they should learn and how to do that. My first choice is Dr. Carol Look’s latest EFT approach, called “A Vibrational Approach to Healing Pain and Illness.”

Carol is one of the top instructors in EFT worldwide and this product encapsulates her latest and most effective approach to healing the emotional traumas of your past. You may not relate to the “killer thoughts” holding you back as “traumas”, but as far as your body is concerned that’s exactly what they are. They are powerful emotional responses “frozen” into particular parts of your body’s tissues and its energy system, in exactly the same way this happens with the physical trauma of a car accident, for instance.

Now the question is, after using numerous variations of EFT, BSFF and other approaches, why would I tell my clients to start with this particular product? It’s like this: with all the other approaches I personally did experience results and relief. However, Carol’s newest EFT approach embodied in this particular product is the only one that gave me resolution. Let me explain.

As an internationally known personal development coach, I’ve used ancient methods from Tai Chi and Qi Gong to create deep states of relaxation and do away with some traumatic stress and anxiety I was conditioned with in my childhood. However, there was one particular fear of phobia that I just could not dislodge no matter how hard I tried. Other energy psychology approaches lessened the discomfort for a few hours at a time, but the wretched feeling would always come back.

Then came Dr. Carol Look’s approach. After using it to treat this particular phobia for an hour or so, it was gone, disappeared. Imagine my shock – something unpleasant I had just had to live with for decades was suddenly not there. Freedom!

And I didn’t see hide nor hair of it for several months. Then the first time I felt it coming back, albeit in a much weakened form, I just laughed, saying, “I’m glad you’re back. Ever since I ran your ass out of town a few months back I’ve been looking forward to this rematch!”

You see, I was used to running and hiding from this phobia and I’d feel a kind of terror when I felt it coming on – kind of like being afraid of fear. Not fun. After using Carol’s method, though, I felt the opposite. I now had for the first time a total confidence in the face of my enemy, a feeling that can only be described with the words, “Bring it on!”

So if you want to live life to the full, to find real inner freedom and the world of possibilities that’s closed to you unless you have that, it’s time to zap all the traumas, fears and self-limiting beliefs that are holding you back. And, in my personal experience, Dr. Carol Look’s “A Vibrational Approach to Healing Pain and Illness” is the absolute tops. 

And you can find it here:

~ Dr. Symeon Rodger