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Corporate Program

Please Read Carefully

If you’re a meeting planner or booking corporate training for your organization, please note that this page covers only the corporate topics, such as corporate culture and Leadership.  If you’re looking for a program for your group that deals with personal resilience topics, please go here.


Programs to Fit Your Needs:


Keynote Addresses:

Welcome to the “Black Army”!
Radical Corporate Culture and Leadership Solutions from Those Whose Very Lives Depended on Getting It Right

In this inspiring and educational presentation, best-selling author Dr. Symeon Rodger shares with you two vital processes your organization desperately needs to understand – how corporate cultures become extremely dysfunctional, and how even the worst corporate cultures can be transformed into stellar places to work.  You’ll learn:

  • The two totally different types of thinking behind highly functional and highly dysfunctional corporate cultures
  • Why world class corporate cultures save a ton of money and earn far more per capita than their conventional counterparts
  • Why top level executive buy-in is critical to real culture change
  • Why most of what passes for “culture change” programs these days is a waste of your time and money
  • How a resilient corporate culture is the key to your organization’s overall resilience
  • Why visionary leadership is essential to building a Resilience Culture and how you can become that leader
  • The exact steps to making your organization the most desirable place to work in your industry (i.e., end your hiring and retention problems forever)

This keynote can be configured for 45, 60 or 90 minutes.  For pricing and further details, see our Speaker Kit.




Corporate Culture and Leadership Workshops:

The Rock Solid Leadership Intensive

This challenging, life-altering 5-day program is designed to create the authentic, trustworthy and super-competent leaders of tomorrow!  Applicable to everyone from corporate executives to competitive athletes to military officers – or to anyone who genuinely seeks personal excellence – this non-stop course take you through not only the theory of Resilience Leadership; it also takes you right out of your comfort zone, dropping real-life leadership challenges in your lap throughout the course.  Your personal integrity, resourcefulness and decision-making will be tested time and again, as you struggle to galvanize your people into a real team and race against the clock to accomplish your mission.  You get the cutting-edge material on all the key aspects of Leadership and Corporate Culture along with dynamic, unsurpassed exercises where you will practice what you’ve learned.

During this course, you will:

  • Apply advanced leadership theory in challenging scenarios so life-like, you’ll swear they were real
  • Gain an advanced understanding of human personality styles – including your own- enabling you to lead others far more effectively
  • Learn how to build high-performance teams that thrive, reach their goals and have fun doing it
  • Sharpen your decision-making skills and practice them in life-like scenarios where you are operating with limited time and incomplete information
  • Build your personal resilience and your Self-Leadership skills – becoming the leader of your own life as a prerequisite for leading others
  • Master advanced conflict resolution skills, enabling you to solve even the most intractable conflicts
  • Learn how to transform a dysfunctional corporate culture into a highly functional “killer” organization where people love to work
  • Discover your own life-purpose and how to harness it in your work today
  • Practice building trust and consensus within your team, while inspiring them with the desire to pursue a common goal
  • Gain experience with the top stress-elimination tools in the world today
  • The greatest, most respected and successful leaders in history shared a common leadership mindset – now you can adopt it!
  • Learn how to bring integrity, trust and true leadership to even the most bureaucratic, over-managed and under-led organizations


So what makes this different from other leadership courses out there?

  1. We do not artificially separate leadership from the corporate culture in which it lives and teach leadership in isolation.  On this course you learn why some cultures get results and others don’t, and how to live as a true leader within any corporate culture.
  2. We place great emphasis on personal character, integrity and transparency as the single most decisive issue in leadership.
  3. Unlike some others, who pretend to teach leadership while actually teaching management skills, we teach leadership, not management. The role of the manager is important, but management and leadership are very different ballgames.
  4. Unlike many courses, this one is not endless, mind-numbing theory and death-by-PowerPoint.  We keep you physically active and mentally-emotionally engaged!
  5. We don’t teach leadership as if it were a cerebral skill or a bunch of ideas.  We place substantial emphasis on your own personal resilience and your own Self-Leadership skills as critical factors in your credibility, effectiveness and survivability as a leader.
  6. We help you identify areas of your own life where you are already a leader, even if you haven’t noticed yet, and we help you step into those roles in a conscious, organic, yet far more effective way.
  7. This is a certification course: there is an exam and you are being constantly evaluated while on the course.  Graduates receive the GRS Tier-1 Leadership Certification, signifying that we believe you to be a highly trained leader of unimpeachable integrity.

The world is desperate for good leaders in every walk of life.  If you’ve got the earnest desire to become such a leader, we will spare no effort to help you get there!

NOTE: 1-day to 3-day customized versions of this program are available on request.  These include credit toward certification but do not include the certification itself.

For more details and pricing, please contact our office.


Build Your Rock Solid Corporate Culture

In this half-day or one-day workshop for corporate executives, senior military officers and others heading up major organizations of any kind, you will learn how:

  • The vast majority of corporate entities in North America and worldwide are working at no more than 50% of their true potential (they actually make Dilbert look good!)
  • The dominant corporate culture model came into being and why it has become increasingly dysfunctional over time
  • The retention of this obsolete model is costing us billions per year in staff retention, sick leave and pervasive inefficiency
  • Some visionary organizations, from corporations to NGOs to certain military units, have blown the doors off “business as usual” and radically outperformed their conventional competitors by implementing corporate culture models that work shockingly well
  • These visionary and wildly successful corporate culture models came into being (it’s a jaw-dropping story)
  • You as a leader have the key role in transforming your organization and what this role requires of you
  • Adhering to the principles of highly functional corporate culture is much more important than trying to decide ahead of time what your “transformed org-chart” will look like
  • To begin the transformation of your organization and all the key steps on the way

Survey after survey in the corporate world is revealing that the majority of staff are unclear on what their organization is trying to achieve and why, believe the talents they were hired for are in fact being stifled by the very organizations that hired them, do not trust the honesty or competence of their managers or senior executives and plan on changing  jobs in the near future.  Yet the secrets of building a superb corporate culture where people can use their talents to the fullest, achieve extraordinary results and where they love to come to work… these “secrets” are in fact very well known.  As leaders, we have a choice between a dysfunctional corporate culture that leaves staff under-motivated and leaves us stressed out, or a Resilient Culture that runs itself without us and leaves our competition in the dust.

For more details and pricing, please contact our office.


Build Your Rock Solid Team

This 1- or 2-day workshop uses Personality Insights’ DISC model of human behavior to allow you and your team to understand each other, understand what motivates each person on the team and communicate much more effectively with each other than they ever have before.  This powerful, easy to learn and scientifically validated system will open up a whole new interpersonal world to you and impact all your relationships for the better.  Participants will discover their own dominant personality style and their own unique “blend” of that style, and can then compare their style to the styles of other team members to determine areas of potential misunderstanding and friction.  Whereas many “team building” courses are simply “fun” events meant to get you out of the office while papering over your team’s real conflicts temporarily, Build Your Rock Solid Team is aimed at equipping you to understand and resolve the overt, latent or potential conflicts within your team and move forward with renewed mutual commitment.

The second powerful application of this information is that it will enable you to understand key people outside your team – your manager, your executives and, especially, your clients!  If you’re in sales, for example, you’ll learn to identify your client’s dominant style quickly, enabling you to tailor your presentation to meet his / her concerns.  If you deal with the public, even in high stress situations as do police officers and 911 operators, you’ll be able to match your words to the style the other person is presenting, thus avoiding miscommunication that can have critical consequences.

This workshop will empower your team to:

  • Increase mutual respect
  • Eliminate ongoing conflict
  • Understand how to better meet each others’ needs
  • Enhance relationship strengths
  • Boost productivity and job satisfaction at the same time

For more details and pricing, please contact our office.



Coaching Services


The Elite Personal Coaching Program

Do you want to become a leader in your field?  Do you want to be among the top 5% of peak performing individuals in the world?  Are you a professional, an executive or a competitive athlete who absolutely must become resilient and know how to stay at the top of your game?

If any of this applies to you, you’ve come to the right place.  Our Elite Personal Coaching Program is designed to help you transform your current so-so lifestyle into the resilient lifestyle that will get you the results you want.  You’ll learn:

  • How to become physically, emotionally and spiritually tougher and more resilient than nearly anyone you know, and on just minutes a day
  • The key elements of your current lifestyle you must change (and how to change them) if you want to become resilient
  • The secrets of eliminating harmful psychological stress and its physical symptoms completely, and of entering into deep inner calm anywhere, anytime, on demand
  • How to radically simplify your current life so that you end up with more time, more energy and greater satisfaction in all areas of life
  • How to determine the threats and risks you face in every area of your life, the mitigation measures to put in place and the response plan to use if any one of them does materialize in the future
  • Mastering relationships and networking – extracting the real joy from life
  • Mastering Resilience Leadership – how to become the leader of your own life and how to teach others to do the same
  • …and much more!

In this highly individualized elite coaching program, Dr. Symeon Rodger will take you personally through the key steps to attaining personal resilience, greater effectiveness and building a sustainable lifestyle you love that has you in the driver’s seat.  The program begins with a detailed questionnaire and an initial conversation to evaluate your current lifestyle against where you want to be, in order to build the most effective strategies to bridge the gap between the two.  The program covers all areas of the human experience, including health and wellness, exercise, relationships, time management, work life, mindset, life purpose and more.  All coaching clients receive a complete introduction to the DISC personality style evaluation system, giving them insight into their own personality style as well as tools to identify the personality styles of those closest to them and to communicate with other styles more effectively.  Fundamental leadership skills are included for everyone, with coaching in advanced leadership skills for those who require them.  The specific content of each person’s coaching does not affect pricing.

Because his time is limited, Dr. Symeon Rodger can accept only a specific number of Elite Personal Coaching Clients at a time.

For details, please contact our office here.


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"You really went to the mat with me..."

Your Breakthrough session with me was marvelous. You were well prepared and had very insightful suggestions for immediate action. But what made the call worth more than whatI paid was you didn't stop there. You really went to the mat with me and in a marvelously subtle way, not only boosted me, but once you had lifted me challenged me to be all I could be. 

You restored my faith in myself. I haven't had a conversation like this in many years and realized I had in fact allowed myself to accept mediocrity.

I want to point out what meant the most to me because I think it may be helpful to you in boosting other clients.

What you did was solidly nail what you saw as my two dominate strengths: writing and marketing. Based upon that you made five suggestions for alternative courses of action that you felt would be more productive than my current, unfocused direction. They were good. But when I challenged you a little, you raised the level a whole notch.

In my mind what you did was to say, "Here are your skills. Apply them and you will succeed. Apply them correctly and you will succeed enormously. I am not going to tell you exactly how to apply them although I have given you five suggestions. You are smart enough to figure it out strictly using your skills as a guideline."

You made it clear to me that getting my financial house in order wasn't just a matter of having a few more niceties. It was the major cause of my stress. Therefore focus on a cash generator immediately was the top priority. My chiropractic endocrinologist has repeatedly said that there is a major internal stress that is playing havoc with my health. She has pretty well eliminated all the physical possibilities. So you have also nailed the health issue.

Another big point that you made was that whatever I do, I must treat that activity as a business.

As you can tell from the tone of this note, you did your job and did it magnificently. You found my passion and you ignited it. I am excited about the present and really stoked about the future.

My sincere thanks. I will make you proud.
Rod Hohl,
Charlestown, RI