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International Standards

As part of our ongoing commitment to research all aspects of personal, corporate and community resilience, Global Resilience Solutions aims to bring together the top international standards in all related fields and to assist in the creation of such standards in fields where none presently exist.  Our aim is to produce and / or assemble a set of evolving, dynamic standards to vastly improve the quality of life for you, your organization and your community.

Please note that we are continually forming new partnerships to produce new standards or to provide existing standards we are as yet unaware of.  So don’t hesitate to contact us with your suggestions – this will benefit all of us.

To this end, we offer the following standards in the hopes they will help you and your organization or community become stronger and more resilient.

This page will be continually updated.

1. Standards for Personal Resilience:

  1. Standards for Physical Fitness:
  2. Standards for Detoxification:
  3. Standards for Emotional Self-Management:
  4. Standards for Self-Leadership:
  5. Standards for Energy Healing:
  6. Standards for Time Management:
  7. Standards for Mindset Work:
  8. Standards for Self-Defense:
  9. Standards for Emergency Preparedness:

2. Standards for Corporate Resilience:

  1. Standards for Corporate Culture:
  2. Standards for Corporate Leadership:
  3. Standards for Business Continuity / Emergency Management / Disaster Recovery:

3. Standards for Community Resilience:

  1. Standards for Community Building:
  2. Standards for Community Emergency Preparedness:
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