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Lifehack: Confidence and Risk-Taking

Whatever the mind can conceive and believe it can achieve.

-Napoleon Hill


Whether you’re building your network or pitching a product or angling for a raise or launching your own business, there is one thing you will inescapably have to face: risk. Whether the risk is social ridicule, failure of a product, the inability to repay a loan or loss of credibility, the prospect of failure can be a terrifying one for many people. That’s understandable. Failure affects not only our own lives, but the people around us. If your belief in yourself is low to begin with, you might not be able to cope with the impact of failure well enough to try again.

Unfortunately, failure is also how we learn. The people who’ve succeeded the most are generally speaking also the people who have failed the most. Except for one thing: they don’t call it failure. It’s simply experimental data that needs to be adjusted for. That’s the difference between a setback and a defeat.

What’s the one key to defeat-proofing yourself? For that, you need an almost ridiculous reservoir of confidence and optimism.

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