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Results we Deliver

Life is about results. You know that. Our only interest at Global Resilience Solutions is giving you the results you’re looking for. On the surface, that may be an outstanding keynote address, a workshop that has your executives or staff raving or a great breakout session to round out your event’s program. Deep down, though, you’re looking for ways to greatly enhance your personal and / or corporate RESILIENCE because you know that and only that will defeat the challenges you face.  



Dr. Symeon Rodger was a wonderful surprise as a speaker. We felt compelled to have him on our Quantum Clearing series, but we really didn’t know why. It was just a feeling. We’d never heard him speak before. 

Only 30 showed up for the show, but Symeon was amazing. He was lots of fun and brought a brand-new take on healing. I still use the breathing exercise he taught us to help keep me in an Alpha state. Others apparently liked him too – he sold 75 books to those 30 people!

– Tom Pauley

CEO of Rich Dreams Inc. Author of I’m Rich Beyond My Wildest Dreams and Quantum Marketing


Dr. Symeon Rodger is one of the finest, most respected speakers and trainers I know. He is brilliant and yet very genuine. He comes from the heart and when that is combined with his knowledge he is able to bless the lives of everyone who hears him which explains why he has such a large, extremely dedicated following. He is a delight to work with and I’m very pleased to have him as one of my strategic partners. 

– Jack M. Zufelt

“Mentor to Millions” and Author of the #1 bestselling book, The DNA of Success,


Dr. Symeon Rodger brings a remarkable assemblage of talents, knowledge and expertise, which made for a fascinating, educational and engaging experience for our entire audience. A true professional and master communicator, Dr. Symeon delivered a powerful, content-rich presentation in a way that made it easy for our entire audience to comprehend and benefit from immediately. I would highly recommend Dr. Symeon Rodger as an extremely well versed speaker and exceptional adult educator, and his kind, charismatic personality made him a complete joy to work with.

– Kathy G. Williams 

Creative/Marketing Director, Kanvas Marketing Group Inc.


I truly enjoy listening to Dr. Symeon Rodger. Many of you may know him from an interview that Mark Joyner did with Symeon in December 2006. Mark is not an easy interviewer and he takes his guests to task if they are not real masters of their discipline. It was on that teleseminar that Symeon was able to shine a light of profound wisdom from his decades of learning and mastering martial arts skills and, far more important, his complete understanding of how to teach a complex subject (HARA) in a very simple and straightforward manner. He teaches a system that is complete, authentic, proven, and reliable; all in a step by step method that is certain to work for anyone that chooses a path of higher consciousness. Listen, learn and take action, now! 

– Irwin Glenn

Business Strategist, New York


Symeon Rodger is a scintillating and controversial speaker! 

– Mark Joyner

Marketing legend and #1 Best-Selling Author of Simpleology


“You have changed my life…”

Like I have acknowledged before, Dr. Rodger, you have changed my life. 

Your style is inimitable and like no other brand of corporate training in the world. I have been receiving your materials for over a year now and they have turned me into a calm, confident and yet a resilient warrior. My friends, relatives and colleagues keep complimenting me on the way I appear to be calm, powerful and they keep telling me about a contented glow on my face. This, Dr. Rodger, is due to your patient, continued tutelage.

I would like to repeat my compliment to you that you are doing a simply marvelous job. May God and the powers of the universe reward you in abundance for the philanthropic work that you are doing!

– Partho Choudhury – entrepreneur India


Phenomenal… Impeccable… Superb!

“Symeon, I wanted to let you know how impressed I was with your teleclass last night on the 7 Spirals of Disease and how Qi Gong eliminates them. It was just phenomenal. I can’t wait to get your DVDs! So again, congratulations. I just thought last night was impeccable… superb!” 

– Dr. Carol Look,


Great Content!

“I just listened to your call on the 7 deadly spirals – Great content! We are so aligned in our thinking. More soon when I return from my trip.” 

– Michael Morningstar,


“You really went to the mat with me…”

Your Breakthrough session with me was marvelous. You were well prepared and had very insightful suggestions for immediate action. But what made the call worth more than whatI paid was you didn’t stop there. You really went to the mat with me and in a marvelously subtle way, not only boosted me, but once you had lifted me challenged me to be all I could be. 

You restored my faith in myself. I haven’t had a conversation like this in many years and realized I had in fact allowed myself to accept mediocrity.

I want to point out what meant the most to me because I think it may be helpful to you in boosting other clients.

What you did was solidly nail what you saw as my two dominate strengths: writing and marketing. Based upon that you made five suggestions for alternative courses of action that you felt would be more productive than my current, unfocused direction. They were good. But when I challenged you a little, you raised the level a whole notch.

In my mind what you did was to say, “Here are your skills. Apply them and you will succeed. Apply them correctly and you will succeed enormously. I am not going to tell you exactly how to apply them although I have given you five suggestions. You are smart enough to figure it out strictly using your skills as a guideline.”

You made it clear to me that getting my financial house in order wasn’t just a matter of having a few more niceties. It was the major cause of my stress. Therefore focus on a cash generator immediately was the top priority. My chiropractic endocrinologist has repeatedly said that there is a major internal stress that is playing havoc with my health. She has pretty well eliminated all the physical possibilities. So you have also nailed the health issue.

Another big point that you made was that whatever I do, I must treat that activity as a business.

As you can tell from the tone of this note, you did your job and did it magnificently. You found my passion and you ignited it. I am excited about the present and really stoked about the future.

My sincere thanks. I will make you proud.

– Rod Hohl,
Charlestown, RI


“Getting Paid More!”

I just wanted you to know that I doubled my fees the next day after we talked, as you suggested. I was seeing a new client and when she asked my charge I quoted the new fee. She didn’t even blink! She has scheduled another longer session and has signed up for a “Yoga-4-Depression” workshop with me. Thanks again! 

– Lucille York,
Evansville, Indiana


More Praise for The 5 Pillars of Life:


“… a book I go back to time and time again, always gleaning something new.”

Having been a spiritual student for decades, I was immediately surprised by the depth of this book. Dr. Rodger has written a book which strikes a chord both with the ancient and new thought traditions. It contains both deep spiritual wisdom and easy practical applicability. I like that there is very little dogma and yet much respect for simple, timeless principles of true spirituality. It is a book I go back to time and time again, always gleaning something new. 

– Joe Mitchell,
Philadelphia, PA
Attorney at Law


“… one of just a handful of books that I’ll always keep close.”

I move around a fair bit, and this is one of just a handful of books that I’ll always keep close. It has had, and continues to have, a huge and very positive impact on my life. 

Dr. Symeon was the first to take me beyond the shallow levels of the tradition I was born into, and in revealing the immediately practical gems of what he calls “authentic traditions”, he introduces us to some of history’s greatest teachers.

– Phil Settels
San Francisco, CA
Studying Traditional Chinese Medicine


“… jam-packed with practical advice I hadn’t read anywhere else.”

The information in this book can transform your life if you put it into practice. It’s jam-packed with ideas and practical advice I hadn’t read anywhere else. If you want to improve your life, read this book! 

– Tish King
Fayetteville, TN


“… Held Me Spellbound”

I appreciate Dr. Rodger’s vast knowledge and enthusiasm for helping us to realize we all have a choice about our life. We can choose to live a tormented and fruitless life or an excellent and powerful one. 

Now you may ask yourself, is this book for you? I would answer Yes! I review many books, but this one especially held me spellbound. I will definitely be reading it again and again.

– Anita Finley
Journalist and Talk Show Host
Boomer Times and Senior Life Magazine


“A priceless legacy for humanity.”

The Warriorship concept, the power of inner stillness are unique concepts practically designed for easy implementation. They are life-transforming. Dr. Rodger has turned Self-Development into an exciting journey of self-discovery and self-transformation. A priceless legacy for Humanity. 

– left anonymously on our site


“By far the best guide I have seen…”

When I read The 5 Pillars of Life, I discovered that this book was way more than just a compilation of ideas and facts and figures – it was a real Operator’s Guide to life. And not just any life – a real life, full of richness and depth. 

I found myself challenged by the book’s premise in a positive manner. And, I developed an intense desire to start putting into practice the principles contained in this very valuable book.

I don’t consider this book to be suitable for those looking for more feel-good mushy talk – it has far too much straight talk and hard hitting insights. This material is for those who want to become true modern day warriors, in the true sense of that concept.

If you are truly willing to walk your talk and ready to really transform your life, this is by far the best guide I have seen amongst the hundreds and hundreds of texts out there.

But, I warn you – as you follow the precise directions of Dr. Rodger, you will need to re-examine much of your present existence and life patterns, and that can be a real challenge.

Steel yourself for the real life…

– Robert Vibert
Personal Development author, speaker and coach
Author of The Missing Link to Your Emotional Healing Success and The Missing Link to Your Financial Success


Praise for Dr. Symeon Rodger’s SPECIAL REPORT…


“Thoroughly impressed”

As a professional author, I usually find “reports” to be lacking in interest and content, and find myself skimming for the ‘good parts.’ 

However, I read every word of the this Special Report and was thoroughly impressed, and excited to have the opportunity to work with a man of Symeon’s impressive background, level of knowledge, ideas and attention to detail.

– SuAnn Kiser
Palo Alto, California

Praise for Dr. Symeon Rodger’s Mindset Work


“Thank you, thank you, thank you!!!”

So many opportunities have opened up since I participated in your Accelerated Law of Attraction Mastery (ALAM) program that I had to carve out the time to email you. The ALAM program gave me the life I was afraid to live. 

The clearing method you taught has definitely exorcised my stoppers. I am fearless! I am asking for what I want and getting it. My creativity is at it’s peak. Right now, I feel as if my life is running in ‘the zone’. Just look at what has happened:

1. I am the Keynote speaker at the national convention of the American Business Women’s Association’s “Share the Power Weekend”. I asked for an honorarium and got it. Before ALAM I would not have asked for an honorarium.

2. I am producing an event to raise funds for the Amelia Island Museum. Once again I did not simply volunteer my services as I would have done in the past and then spent weeks working without any compensation.

3. I set up a meeting with the head of the Chamber of Commerce (a woman) and received valuable information on how to market my business in a ‘good-ole-boy’ environment, as well as a promise of an upcoming article about my company in “The Islander” magazine.

Fear was holding me back. Fear that people would not like me if I asked for what I wanted. Fear of being too successful and too visible.

I’ll be darned – this stuff actually works! I mean it works every time. I go from fear and overwhelm to unstoppable in moments. And the opportunities just keep coming.

I cannot thank you, Kit and Kathy enough for giving me the life that I have always wanted but was too scared to live. Thank you, thank you, thank you!!!

– Raven
Founder and CEO of Image & Style
Author of A Day in the Life of a Mature High Fashion Model


“Mindset Mastery Bootcamp has grounded me firmly”

Please accept this message as my personal gesture of gratitude for putting together the Mindset Mastery Bootcamp (now called The Mindset Masters Speak) series. 

I can honestly say that the Mindset Mastery Bootcamp has grounded me firmly with a belief that financial achievement is accessible to anyone willing to work hard, apply some basic principles and commit without fail to their goal.

I thank you for your time, effort and hard work. I heartily endorse the Mindset Mastery Bootcamp series to anyone who takes their business and their personal responsibility to secure their financial well being seriously.
Best Regards,

– Daniel Latrimurti
New Mexico


Here’s what other Health Coaches have to say about Rock Solid Tranquility:

“Great Course Symeon!”

Your Rock Solid Tranquility course provides simple and effective ideas for naturally de-stressing both the body and mind.Your unique combination of common sense and deep insight, obviously gained from decades of applied discipline and research in ancient Eastern wisdom really helped me gain several immediate and practical applications. Anyone who applies these principles for several weeks will definitely see benefits…I know I have.I believe your course will offer my clients the multitude of mind, body and spirit benefits that Yoga, Tai Chi and Qi Gong offer, which you so wisely sum up as “posture, breathing and movement”.Thanks for sharing your wealth of knowledge.

– Michael Morningstar
Transformation Life Coach / Great NEWS Coach (Nutrition – Energy – Wellness – Success)


“Dr. Symeon Rodger’s course is a life-changing experience!”

He’s a talented author and a first-rate trainer, and I’m convinced that his work will make a huge difference to people struggling with chronic stress. 

– Michael Hughes – the Networking Guru


“Stressed? Searching for tranquility?”

This book is a superb “how-to” manual developed from years of research. Dr. Rodger’s diverse and vast expertise has allowed him to put together an amazing program to bring tranquility to your life today. You will not find this important information anywhere else!

– Paul Frazer,
Success Strategist, Professional Speaker and author of
“Stop, Drop & Re-Balance: A Self Renewal Manual”.


“What a wonderful combination of spiritual common sense and practical application”

There are many roads for us to find peace within ourselves, and this book provides an excellent roadmap. I found pearls of wisdom that made a difference for me; pearls which I cannot wait to pass along to those who are ready to hear them. Thanks for sharing your wisdom, Symeon. Great work.”

– Jennifer Hough
Author, Lifestyle Coach and Speaker
Founder of “Get Out of Your Own Way” courses in Transformation


“I love it!”

If beating stress is a priority- then this course is a must read. Dr. Symeon Rodger has done a really superb job on it, and it will certainly lead you into an entirely new experience of what it means to be human. This course is truly one of a kind and I love it!

– Melissa Scott
Life Coach, Speaker and Trainer


“I highly recommend his Warriorship Black Belt Program”

As a seminar and teleseminar junkie for years, I have listened to many hundreds of presentations and have learned to be both discerning and discriminating. For example, of the nearly hundred e-mails I receive daily from various “experts,” I now bother to open only those few I already know will be worthwhile, since I recognize their source. I never fail to read every communication from Dr. Symeon Rodger because I know it will not only be superbly written, it will contain some genuine wisdom. So too with his book, and all the courses he offers.Coupled with his wisdom (which is more than intelligence), is Symeon’s integrity. The combination of those two qualities – wisdom and integrity – is uncommon, which makes anyone who possesses both eminently qualified to teach us what he knows. I consider myself fortunate to have been his pupil, and I highly recommend his Warriorship Black Belt Program. 

– Fraser Rose
(High School Principal – Toronto, Canada)


I migrated to Canada later in life only to find that life was unfair everywhere. I continued to push on hoping that it will improve. I have done numerous courses, which helped, but changed very little in my inner being. 

During my search I was introduced to “The Rock Solid Tranquility (Hara) system”, I grabbed it with both hands. It allowed me to search within myself to become a stronger and happier person. My wife Juliet noticed the change and encouraged me to go higher. I ordered the book “The 5 Pillars of Life” which I indulge in.

Now my day starts at 5.00am (no alarm clock) to enthusiastically do my meditation, read “The 5 Pillar” book then apply it as I go through the day. After all my searching, I can only say I am grateful that I was Divinely lead to re-direct my life to a more fulfilling one. What a privilege.

– Johannes & Juliet Breyten-Bach

Vancouver, Canada



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