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5 Pillars of Life Book

The 5 Pillars of Life: Reclaiming Ownership of Your Mind, Body and Future

Dr. Symeon Rodger, Author

Price: $24.95

Here are just a few of the things that you will be able to accomplish by following the exercises in The 5 Pillars of Life:

  • Take back control of your time
  • Kill stress before it kills you
  • Become so calm on the inside that nothing on the outside can even ruffle your feathers
  • Create a wonderful home environment by spreading order like a virus
  • Build radiant health, superb immunity and abundant energy
  • Enjoy wonderful relationships with your friends, colleagues, your spouse or “significant other”, your kids, and even with the most difficult people in your life
  • Learn the simple steps to taking control of your financial life so that you never have to worry about money again
  • Overcome all your negative emotions, your hang-ups, complexes and neuroses once and for all
  • Rediscover your unstoppable will power (yes, you really do have it)
  • Learn the most effective life paradigm ever discovered and how it can give you a deliberate, powerful and fulfilling life
  • Turn your life into pure bliss by the art of loving

And here’s what you’ll find inside…

  • 493 pages of the exact methods ancient traditions have used for millennia to transform human life, and put into language and concrete, simple actions that anyone can do
  • The ONLY book available that explains what religion really is and what spirituality is supposed to do
  • 136 Formulas, Inner Principles and Paradoxes essential to transforming your life
  • 55 life-changing exercises to take you through the whole year
  • A list of 40 principle sources, a professional 20 page index (so you can always find what you want) and 288 end notes to PROVE these sometimes controversial assertions are for real

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"By far the best guide I have seen..."

When I read The 5 Pillars of Life, I discovered that this book was way more than just a compilation of ideas and facts and figures - it was a real Operator's Guide to life. And not just any life - a real life, full of richness and depth. I found myself challenged by the book's premise in a positive manner. And, I developed an intense desire to start putting into practice the principles contained in this very valuable book. I don't consider this book to be suitable for those looking for more feel-good mushy talk - it has far too much straight talk and hard hitting insights. This material is for those who want to become true modern day warriors, in the true sense of that concept. If you are truly willing to walk your talk and ready to really transform your life, this is by far the best guide I have seen amongst the hundreds and hundreds of texts out there. But, I warn you - as you follow the precise directions of Dr. Rodger, you will need to re-examine much of your present existence and life patterns, and that can be a real challenge. Steel yourself for the real life...
Robert Vibert Personal Development author, speaker and coach Author of The Missing Link to Your Emotional Healing Success and The Missing Link to Your Financial Success