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Corporate Culture Ebook

Resilience Culture: Turn Your Corporate Culture into a Purpose-Driven Profit Machine that Runs Itself without You and Leaves Your Competition in the Dust…

Dr. Symeon Rodger, Author

Price: $20.00

There’s a powerful new paradigm gathering strength in the business world…

It focuses on people over processes.  Unlike the hierarchical command structure of traditional management, based on control and motivated by fear, and which assumes that some have to lose in order for others to win, the new paradigm has already proven that a win-win scenario works beyond all expectations.  The old assumptions, outgrowths of the industrial age of 19th century capitalism, are both outmoded and incorrect.  They lead to structures that adapt far too slowly to be of any use in today’s fast-paced business environment.

In Resilience Culture, you’ll learn how a small number of visionary leaders in the corporate world and the military have redefined corporate culture and leadership, with astounding results in terms of the corporate bottom line, productivity, problem solving, staff hiring and retention, absenteeism and morale at every level.

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