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Inner Circle Program

The Warriorship Black Belt Program (Multi-media online course, including all of the above products)

Dr. Symeon Rodger, Author

Price: $297.00

“Our lives lack a solid foundation…”

That’s the truth – our culture and society doesn’t provide a sound and solid foundation for a powerful and excellent life. The fact is, our society has been unable to do so for centuries, since many features of the Western way of life violate the basic principles of how the human person is constructed.

We no longer have access to that one, single approach to life used the world over for centuries – the one approach that puts you firmly and decisively in charge of your life.  That approach is Resilience.

This 26 unit online course is designed to:

  • Deliberately create health and immunity
  • Create fitness – core strength, flexibility and endurance
  • Establish deep inner tranquility, down to the cellular level
  • Teach you to master your time
  • Put you in charge of your emotions
  • Multiply your physical and mental energy
  • Become physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually resilient
  • Master your relationships
  • Build the necessary foundation for a truly spiritual life
  • Turn your life into a masterpiece of harmony and elegance

Program includes a hard copy of The 5 Pillars of Life book, the Rock Solid Health Qi Gong DVD set and the Rock Solid Tranquility manual, DVD and CDs, in addition to immediate access to all 26 units online.

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"A priceless legacy for humanity."

The Warriorship concept, the power of inner stillness are unique concepts practically designed for easy implementation. They are life-transforming. Dr. Rodger has turned Self-Development into an exciting journey of self-discovery and self-transformation.
A priceless legacy for Humanity.
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