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Rock Solid Transquility

Rock Solid Tranquility (DVD / CD set with 84 page soft cover manual)

Dr. Symeon Rodger, Author

Price: $97.00

HARA is a Japanese word for an ancient Taoist mind-body energy cultivation method that forms the basis for all Chinese energy work (Qi Gong), for Tai Chi and for Asian martial arts in general.  However, its real claim to fame is the incredible health benefits that come from this holistic approach to life:

Here are the main changes you can expect to see, as long as you put in the limited time and effort to learn and practice the system:

  1. HARA will eliminate psychological anxiety and stress, together with their physical symptoms
  2. HARA will enable you to enter a new (to you) anxiety-free level of consciousness on demand, and stay there as long as you wish
  3. HARA will lead you to an incredible state of total tranquility and then shows you how to maintain it all day long, no matter what’s going on around you
  4. HARA will give you vast amounts of mental and physical energy
  5. HARA will open your body’s energy channels (the 12 acupuncture meridians and the 8 extraordinary vessels), supercharging your immune system
  6. HARA will strengthen your body’s protective energy barrier (“wei qi” in Chinese medicine), making you a really hard target for colds, flues and other nasty viral / bacterial illnesses
  7. HARA will help to detoxify your inner organs, your blood and all your cells all day long, turning your whole metabolism into a finely tuned instrument
  8. HARA will slow down the aging process and leave you looking and feeling far younger than your chronological age
  9. HARA will not only boost your sexual energy, it will even give you far more control over your sex drive
  10. When you’re in a state of HARA (and you’ll learn to love staying there all the time!), you cannot experience fear, anxiety, panic or any other negative emotional state.

You’ll receive:

1.    The 84 page full-color Rock Solid Tranquility Manual ($57 value)
Packed with color photos showing you exactly what to do and how to do it.

2.    The Rock Solid Tranquility DVD ($57 value)
Dr. Symeon Rodger and his assistant demonstrate every movement live

3.    The 2 Rock Solid Tranquility CDs ($27 value)
Dr. Symeon Rodger provides insights into how to practice, the keys to success and mistakes you can easily avoid

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"Thoroughly impressed"

As a professional author, I usually find "reports" to be lacking in interest and content, and find myself skimming for the 'good parts.'  However, I read every word of the this Special Report and was thoroughly impressed, and excited to have the opportunity to work with a man of Symeon's impressive background, level of knowledge, ideas and attention to detail.
SuAnn Kiser Palo Alto, California

"I love it!"

If beating stress is a priority- then this course is a must read. Dr. Symeon Rodger has done a really superb job on it, and it will certainly lead you into an entirely new experience of what it means to be human. This course is truly one of a kind and I love it!
Melissa Scott Life Coach, Speaker and Trainer