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Tibetan Medicine: Getting to the Root of the Problem

When we feel ill, the first thing we think about is reducing the symptoms.  That’s natural.  No one likes suffering.  But sometimes, it’s an alarm bell trying to tell us something about our lives.

Western medicine, operating on the microscopic scale of individual chemical interactions, has found many clever ways to mask particular symptoms.  In fact, the development of drugs for that purpose far outstrips all other efforts of the pharmaceutical industry in both budget and financial returns.  But this approach and the microscopic scale on which it operates leads to dangerously cavalier attitude toward the irreducibly complex balance that is the whole human organism.  From this come the side effects and interactions that are so problematic with many drugs.

By neglecting the macroscopic, Western medicine also has difficulty addressing the epidemic of chronic disease.  That is where Tibetan Medicine, a fusion and development of thousands of years of Ayurvedic and Chinese experimental knowledge, can most help us.  Its diagnoses seek to account for the root causes of disease found in the emotional, psychological, spiritual and bioenergetic realms, lifestyle, diet, the state of the immune system, traumatic experience, core beliefs and so on.  It also takes seriously the vast healing power of the mind, and understands that mental, spiritual and bioenergetic states impact our physical bodies.



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