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Corporate Resilience

End-to-End Resilience Solutions for Corporations, Organizations and Communities

How Organizations Become Weak and Vulnerable

Every corporate entity faces the same four major vulnerabilities:

  1. Poor leadership
  2. Dysfunctional corporate culture
  3. Inadequate emergency / business continuity planning
  4. Low personal resilience of staff

Of these, by far the most damaging and the greatest long-term threat comes from the first two. The vast majority of corporate cultures in the Western world today are significantly dysfunctional – they are low-trust environments with low staff morale, limited staff engagement, mediocre productivity and stifling bureaucratic stove-pipes that ensure poor utilisation of the organization’s intellectual resources.  What can be done about it and why would you bother?

No matter how dysfunctional, any corporate culture can be completely renewed and revitalized, so long as there is a commitment from the senior leadership to follow through on the process.  Building a high-trust, resilient corporate culture will increase productivity, drastically lower staff turnover and the huge costs associated with that, and make it much easier to attract the top talent your company needs to stay competitive.  Even better, it will release a nearly unstoppable surge of creativity that can put your organization at the forefront of its field.

Building a resilient corporate culture means adopting new and much more effective leadership concepts and processes, understanding the difference between leadership and management, securing staff consensus on the way forward and adopting a transparency and forthrightness that most organizations have long since lost.   Resilient corporate cultures are highly adaptable, capable of making quick shifts in a rapidly changing marketplace, proud of what they do and inevitably become the force to be reckoned with in their respective industries.

At Global Resilience Solutions, we provide you with the knowledge, the tools and the roadmap you need to make your organization that “force to be reckoned with.”  And the end result is a workplace where everyone from the CEO to the janitor is much happier than ever before.


Resilient Leadership

There’s no escaping it – if you want to build a first class corporate culture (and that’s a critical step to becoming or remaining a force to be reckoned with in the marketplace) , then you personally must acquire world class leadership skills.  In other words, you need to…

…become highly visible, totally trusted, extremely open, and consistently inspiring.  If you can’t inspire your staff to follow you, you are not a leader.

Now you may be despairing, thinking, “I’m just don’t have that kind of charisma!”  Here’s the good news – you don’t need it!  Some of the greatest corporate culture innovators and leaders have been people just like you.  Resilient Leadership is a series of simple practices which, if you repeat them consistently, will transform you into an inspirational, highly competent and superbly effective leader, no matter what your starting point.

At the basis of all this is the astonishing discovery that there are two and only two types of thinking that characterize any corporate culture and its leadership.  One generates consistently amazing results – that’s the good news.  The bad news is that the other one tends to take over and kill what you’re really trying to accomplish.  It’s like pouring molasses into your gas tank.  Do you suppose  today would be a good day to eliminate this counterproductive way of thinking from your own mind and from the collective mind of your company?

If you have the commitment, we would be happy to speak with you!


Resilient Corporate Culture

Here are some questions about your corporate culture you need to be asking.  Unfortunately, if your corporate culture is dysfunctional, then the closer you are to the top of the hierarchy, the less chance there is that you have a clue about any of this:

  1. Does your staff trust the honesty, integrity and competence of its senior leadership?
  2. Are your knowledge workers wildly excited to come to work and unleash their talents on your behalf, or do they feel stifled by rampant bureaucracy and ineffective decision-making?
  3. To what extent has high staff turnover (internal or external) impacted your operations?
  4. What percentage of your managers at every level are liked and trusted by their direct reports?
  5. What skeletons are in the corporate closet?  What have you done in the past that could seriously hamper your attempts to build a trust-based organization?
  6. Is there a crystal clear distinction in your organization between management and leadership?  Are your managers properly trained or is chronic micro-management killing your staff?

At Global Resilience Solutions, we provide you with a step-by-step process, tailored to your organization’s needs, for building a world class corporate culture where all the top talent wants to get hired.

This is where you master the art and science of effective leadership, build a high-trust organization, eliminate bureaucratic obstacles and the thinking that gave rise to them, inspire your staff and turn loose their talents as never before.

This process takes several months to complete.  Yet each small step along the way has a big payoff in terms of job satisfaction and your bottom line.

These corporate culture and leadership solutions are not new.  They were pioneered by people whose very lives depended on getting it right and have since been validated many times over in environments as disparate as the corporate world, NGOs and the military.


Staff Resilience

Concerned about high absenteeism and staff turnover?  Although more than likely you need to consider a corporate culture solution to help deal with the issues, you’ll certainly earn high praise from your staff for helping them improve their personal resilience.

At Global Resilience Solutions, we provide your staff with workshops to help them improve their own resilience in the face of life’s challenges.  This will cut down on absenteeism and improve your bottom line.  These workshops cover a variety of issues, depending on the needs of your staff:

  • Health and fitness
  • Nutrition and detoxification
  • Emotional self-management and advanced stress-relief solutions
  • Family emergency management planning
  • Mapping your personal and family vulnerabilities and introducing mitigating measures


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