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Personal Resilience

What’s Not Working?

In a recent study, the top 21 things people wanted to change in 2011 lined up like this:

1. Increase my income
2. Overcome self-limiting beliefs
3. Get in better physical shape
4. Build excellent health and immunity
5. Get clear on what I really want
6. Acquire deep inner peace
7. Build a stronger spiritual life
8. Get more self-confidence
9. Explode my existing business
10.Take back control of my energy
11.Eliminate stress and anxiety
12.Overcome fears
13.Detoxify my body
14.Network more effectively
15.Take back control of my time
16.Improve my diet
17.Improve my relationship with my spouse or partner
18.Become proficient  at  meditation
19.Feel more loved
20.Master work-life balance
21.Start a successful business


If you analyze these further, you’ll notice that the items listed here can be grouped together on a continuum of sorts, ranging from the most concrete, material and measurable to the least concrete, material and measurable.

In other words, people (and this means tens of millions of people in North America alone) are desperate to change their:

  1. Circumstances (e.g., income and finances, job and career, living accommodations, motor vehicle, etc.)
  2. Physical reality (e.g., health, fitness, immunity, etc.)
  3. Mental and emotional reality (e.g., self-limiting beliefs, stress and anxiety, self-image issues, etc.)
  4. Interpersonal reality (e.g., relationship with spouse, with children, with other relatives, with boss and / or colleagues, with friends, etc.)
  5. Spiritual reality (e.g., meditation, prayer, inner peace, spiritual connection to God / Source)


Approaches that Don’t Work:

The Self-Help / Personal Development “genre” started out as an effort to provide information to help you overcome specific difficulties in your life. And most of the literature in the Self-Help field still deals with single issues, like weight loss, relationships, fitness, etc. In other words, most Self-Help methods come across as “one-trick ponies”.

However, more and more people are becoming fed up with trying to deal with the endless array of unpleasant symptoms in their lives on a one-by-one basis. They’re tired of putting out fires. People are asking, “Isn’t there a more comprehensive solution? Isn’t there an single approach I can use that will solve all my problems?”

This is a natural question because most people face a bewildering matrix of problems in their own lives. They’re aware of them. They would like to do some-thing about them. But the whole prospect seems totally overwhelming.

Lately you may have begun to notice the term resilience more and more often. That’s an indication of how deeply felt the need for a single, all-encompassing solution really is.

More and more people are becoming fed up with trying to deal with the endless array of unpleasant symptoms in their lives on a one-by-one basis

You can’t underestimate the importance of this trend because it reveals a fundamental shift in consciousness about how we think about ourselves, our world and the challenges we face. We’ve come to the point of realizing that logically, there must be an approach to life that would “vaporize” our symptoms without any need for us to address them all.

Fortunately, there is such an approach.  It’s called RESILIENCE.  And it involves:

  1. A fundamental shift in how you view your mind, your body and the relationship between the two
  2. A fundamental shift in your daily decision-making processes
  3. A commitment to undertaking actions that make you physically, emotionally and spiritually stronger, tougher and more resilient, while simultaneously abandoning those that make you weaker
  4. Putting in place a small number of specific foundational practices whose positive impact on your life is disproportionately greater than the time you invest in them


There are three fundamental levels of personal resilience:

  1. Personal Resilience Level 1 –  Psycho-Physical Resilience: Using cutting-edge methods, both ancient and modern, you will learn how to achieve a high level of physical fitness, overall health and immunity, as well as how to take charge of your thoughts and emotions.  This constitutes the indispensable foundation for acquiring personal resilience.
  2. Personal Resilience Level 2 –  Character-Value Resilience: No matter how “tough” you become physically, mentally or emotionally, you will never live a powerful, excellent and joyous life without a total commitment to the values that support it.  This workshop enables you to discover and commit to both timeless, self-evident values essential for true human life, as well as those values that best represent you as the absolutely unique human being you are.
  3. Personal Resilience Level 3 –  Spiritual-Noetic Resilience: According to all viable ancient spiritual/medical traditions and an increasing body of modern research, our true mental, emotional and spiritual resilience hinges on our ability to “separate our self from our thoughts and emotions” and enter into a state of deep inner peace.  This leads to the ability to control and maintain our mental focus, preserve our physical equilibrium, focus on positive emotional states and to prevent the personalities and circumstances we deal with daily from negatively impacting us.  This is where resilience is solidified and inner freedom achieved.


When You Become Resilient…

The more resilient you become, the more you’ll experience the following advantages:

  • Your resistance to diseases of all kinds will vastly increase, and this is particularly the case with respect to the current “epidemic” of degenerative diseases such as cancer and cardiovascular disease
  • You’ll become more physically fit than 95% or more of the people around you who are in your own age group, with all the resulting benefits to your overall health and vitality
  • You’ll learn how to detoxify your body naturally on an ongoing basis, which will eliminate the internal acidic environment that is the prerequisite for serious disease
  • As your bones and connective tissues are strengthened, you’ll become increasingly invulnerable to injury
  • You’ll experience a deep inner calm that no longer depends on external circumstances and you’ll learn how to cultivate and maintain this calm throughout your day irrespective of what’s going on around you
  • Your energy levels will increase and stabilize, giving you more stamina and zest for life
  • You’ll learn to control and eventually eliminate negative emotional states like fear, anxiety, anger and more and master tools that can deal with such states instantly whenever they try to control your life
  • You’ll learn to reassert control over those aspects of your life that always seem to elude you, and particularly your use of your most important, non-renewable resource – your time
  • You’ll improve your primary relationships and form new, high-quality relationships more easily, deriving more and more joy from the social rewards of life
  • You’ll find yourself breaking free of the self-limiting beliefs that have held you back in the past, developing an unstoppable mindset quite effortlessly
  • You’ll develop the most important and universally agreed on foundation of an authentic spiritual life
  • In other words, you’ll create and discover within yourself the natural state of the human person – how your mind-body organism was designed to exist


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