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About Global Resilience Solutions

Our Mission

Global Resilience Solutions (GRS) shares the unmatched power of the Resilience Paradigm, the Resilience Mindset and Advanced Resilience Strategies to help individuals and organizations make astounding breakthroughs in performance, results and overall happiness within a short time frame.

At GRS our ultimate goals are:

  • To impart the key Resilience vision of Self-Leadership to as many people as possible, in order to contribute substantially to the healing of our society’s pervasive physical, mental, emotional and spiritual ills.
  • To train those who have a burning desire to become the top performers and leaders in their fields.
  • To transform the educational system so that cutting edge strategies for physical, mental, emotional and spiritual resilience are taught to everyone.
  • To approve a set of continually evolving international standards that will cover all areas of personal and organizational resilience.
  • To transform corporate culture on a large scale.
  • To heal our society’s dreadful lack of leadership and our increasing propensity to settle for dishonest and / or incompetent leaders in our workplaces, public offices and religious institutions.
  • To leave a legacy that will help millions of people for generations to come.


Our Promise

Through our ongoing research at Global Resilience Solutions, we can offer you the latest and most effective “cutting edge” resilience solutions for individuals and organizations.  Even better, we show you exactly how to implement these solutions for maximum ROI in your personal life, the lives of your family, your “corporate family” (your staff), your business and its culture.

On a personal level, we promise you a Rock Solid Foundation for Every Aspect of Your Life.

On a corporate level, our promise is to enable you to transform yourself into a super-resilient organization – with a Rock Solid Corporate Culture and Leadership so you can Dominate Your Field.

In both cases, you can assimilate the basics within just 90 days from a standing start.

Is there a catch?  Yes.  The catch is that only you can transform your own life and the life of your organization. All we can do is give you the inspiration, the knowledge, the tools and the ongoing support.  Transformation takes commitment and sustained effort.  That’s the truth.  Anyone offering you a quick fix that takes no effort or commitment on your part is just after your wallet.  We’re after your success.

Our Programs

At Global Resilience Solutions, we offer a variety of programs to accommodate your needs and your budget.  These include:

  • Keynote speaking
  • Breakout sessions
  • Workshops and Seminars
  • Personal coaching for executives and high performers
  • Group coaching
  • Resilience tools and standards

Here’s where to find complete information on our:

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